10 Best Wedding Shows on TV Now

We all love a guilty pleasure reality show binge, and wedding shows make up some of the best reality shows on TV. Whether you’re looking for tips for your upcoming wedding, inspiration for planning a wedding, or just some good old drama and extravagance, here is a list of the top ten wedding shows. Photo [...]

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Top 7 Wedding and Engagement Photos with Pets

Pets are our best friends for life. Just because we're getting married doesn't mean they'll be out of the picture! In fact, many couples love to have thier furry (and sometimes scaly) friends in their photo shoots as a new family. Some photographers come up with super clever ways to pose the pets and others [...]

Clever Tips for Celebrating an “Unplugged” Wedding

The band strikes the first chord. Everyone is holding their breath. Bridal parties slowly make their way down the aisles while the groom nervously awaits at the front. At last, the bride comes toward the crowd as the couples' friends and family smile with tears in their eyes for this incredibly special day. And then, [...]

The Best Piece of Marriage Advice As Told to Time

When you fall in love, everything is beautiful, young, new, and so full of hope. The glass is perpetually half-full and the possibilities seem endless, and there are no limits to your love. Naturally, we want to take that next step: marriage, a family, forever. But the day-to-day is hard. And life, we hope, is [...]

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10 Fall Wedding Details We Love

Summer has officially drawn to a close, but don't despair - wedding season is still in full swing for those couples who have chosen to have an autumn affair. If you love glowy sunset light, and landscapes bathed in the warm glow of the sun bouncing off of Fall's orchestra of reds, oranges, golds, and [...]

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10 Wedding Shoe Options for Girls Who Hate Heels

Let's face it: we are not all heel lovers. As much as I swoon over Carrie Bradshaw's closet, I also severely envy her ability to bounce all over Manhattan in those 4-inch Manolos. Some of us simply lack the grace, coordination, and footbeds to wear high heels no matter how much we try. So what's [...]

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Imagine Hiring Your Wedding Guests

Whether small and intimate, or large and over the top, weddings are all about the love. You may be planning your wedding at home, where all 300 of your friends and family members can attend, or you may be jetsetting to an exotic locale where only your 4 besties can attend - either way - [...]

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Awesome Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

Wedding traditions are changing. Pretty much, anything goes these days. And even though the weddings you'll attend are likely to be just as unique as the couple getting married, some things stay the same. One of these is the wedding favor. Etiquette still seems to favor the favors. Couples want to gift their family and [...]

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Skip the Wedding Gifts and Opt for Cash

According to a New York Times article, engaged couples these days are choosing to skip the wedding gifts and opt for cash. I don't know about you, but I, personally, loved registering. Picking out the cool gifts people were actually going to gift us, picturing what our home would look like with said cool gifts, [...]

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Our 5 Favorite Wedding Photos of the Week

Wedding season is in full effect right now with nearly every weekend booked with a beautiful event all summer long. Weddings vary so much in their styles, details, colors, and cultures, and we're always so excited to see the beautiful images come rolling in. Each wedding is so different from the next, with creative custom [...]

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