How to Include Every Kind of Mom in Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is a time for every bride to connect with her mom, but this doesn’t mean it’s always easy or straightforward. There are many different type of mother-daughter relationships, and many different types of moms to include in the process, while trying to keep everybody else happy too. Phew! Here are some ways to [...]

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Wedding Abroad? 3 Things Your Guests Need to Know

If you are planning a wedding abroad, you are in for a bit of extra planning, and a bit of extra informing. But, the extra work will be worth it when you are looking at wedding albums of your nuptials. Before you pack your suitcases, here are three things that you should tell your guests [...]

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50 Wedding Mistakes Brides Often Make

Planning a wedding can be a minefield for a bride. From little to large, there are a ton of wedding mistakes and pitfalls every bride falls prey to. It’s not surprising when this may very well be the first wedding you have ever planned. There are flowers, guests, outfits, jewelry, and millions of other things [...]

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9 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Wedding Planning

If this is the first time when it comes to wedding planning, it can be more than a little daunting. This will probably be the biggest thing you have planned or will ever plan, and you might not have a clue where to begin. Before you start to panic - breathe, regroup, and take a [...]

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How to Find Your Dream Gown…Without Breaking the Bank

The number one priority for most brides to be is finding the perfect wedding dress. This is your one day to look and feel the most beautiful in your life, so of course you want to find a dress that makes you feel this way. But you also don’t want to blow your budget - [...]

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The Smart Bride’s Guide to Wedding Registries

If you’re having a wedding registry, you may find it’s yet another avenue causing stress and problems. But it doesn’t need to be. Wedding registries are a great choice for modern weddings, as they help you streamline your wedding gifts so you get just what you both want. When planned correctly, this is a great [...]

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Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall is undeniably a beautiful season, and can add natural color and glamour to your wedding at no extra effort. At Fizara, we love a fall wedding, and have compiled some top ideas for those of you lucky enough to be getting hitched at this time of year. Fall color palettes Complement your nature backdrop [...]

How to Throw a Killer Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Weddings are a long and jam-packed weekend celebration for everyone involved. From wedding prep and bridal parties to the day itself and its extremely hung-over remains, it can be a big commitment to guests. Here’s how to kick-start your celebrations and make sure they enjoy every minute. Cool invitations Start as you mean to go [...]

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7 Ways to Say Thank You after Your Wedding

It takes a special bunch of people to help a wedding come together, and sometimes you want to go that extra mile to find a unique and creative way to say thank you. Whether it’s your bridal party’s endless patience and sense of fun, your parents always lending you their ear, or your uncle stepping [...]

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Wedding Trends: Unconventional Engagement Rings

Remember how the world went nuts when they saw the unconventional beauty of Kate Middleton’s ring? Obviously, when you’re royalty, finding something unusual, beautiful and unearthly expensive isn’t too much of a problem (especially if it’s already in the family). Luckily, for us norms, there are heaps of non-traditional and affordable options. If you’re looking [...]

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