What’s the Deal with Wedding Albums?

Wedding photographers offer all kinds of extras – from engagement shoots to second photographers to extra sets of prints. One of the most common extras is the wedding album. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a book highlighting the big and little moments of your day, from the getting ready to the driving-off-into-the-sunset. A [...]

Simple Design Tips for Great DIY Photo Books

A DIY photo book is a beautiful treasure chest of life’s memories, but it can be overwhelming to make a photo book that transforms a mess of photographs into an organized, meaningful keepsake album. We know how you can turn those blank pages into a photo album as unique and special as the memories it [...]

Benefits of Creating a DIY Wedding Album

A lot of prospective brides and grooms have trouble deciding if they want to create their own wedding albums or if they want to have someone create them for them. More and more people are leaning toward the latter, thanks to all of the benefits that come with DIY wedding albums. Take a moment to [...]

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Destination Weddings Make Wedding Photo Albums Easy!

A destination wedding can be the experience of a lifetime for both you and your guests—all while saving you money. Best of all, a destination wedding offers amazing photo material, whether you hire a professional or take photos yourself and create a do it yourself album. Many couples chose a destination wedding because it can [...]

6 Things to Include in Your Wedding Photo Album

It’s a good idea to give your photographers a photo list before your wedding. That way, they can get the pictures you want. Then, you will be able to put those pictures in a nice album. The question is, though, which pictures do you need for your album? We are going to make the decision [...]

4 Easy Steps to Selecting the Best Photos for Your Photo Album

Are you having a hard time deciding which pictures to use in your photo album? Narrowing down a large collection of photos can be a daunting task, because each image reminds you of a special memory. How do you just throw some of them out?! Here are four tips to help you sift through your pictures, whether you took them yourself or a professional photographer did it for you. Once sorted, you can then organize those captured moments into a beautiful memento—a special photo album.

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