The Difference Between Flush Mount Photo Albums and Photo Books

These days, photo albums and photo books are becoming increasingly popular, and the options for customization and unique design are limitless. The two most popular ways to preserve your memories are with a Photo Book or Flush Mount Photo Album. So, which will it be... Photo Album or Photo Book? Here are some pointers to help [...]

7 Awesome Ideas for Trash the Dress Photos

Any bride who has been planning a wedding for more than 20 minutes has undoubtedly heard of the "Trash the Dress" trend sweeping wedding parties across, really. After spending at least $1,000 on a gorgeous white frock in which to marry your one and only, the trend of destroying that same dress in a [...]

5 Ways to Print and Present Your Favorite Wedding Photos

After the wedding and the honeymoon are over, the next thing you have to look forward to is getting your wedding pictures. Whether they come on a disc or a website, there are lots of ways you can show them off. 1. The classic frame You’re probably going to want at least one framed wedding [...]

9 Funny Wedding Ideas to Make Your Guests Laugh

If you want to bring a little fun and playfulness into the day, get inspired by these funny wedding ideas or come up with your own originals! 1. Provide good reading material before the ceremony. “So, you’re going to sit through a wedding.” Via the Offbeat Bride. The seven-word program: “Music starts. We get married. [...]

Fun Ideas for Creating Wedding Albums

Fun Ideas for Creating Wedding Albums People are starting to step outside of the box when it comes to creating their own wedding albums. There are lots of fun ideas you can use in order to put your own spin on your album. Use Pictures and Words Some people are incorporating words into their wedding [...]

Tips for Designing Your Wedding Album

The wedding’s over, you’re back from the honeymoon, and all your wedding photos just arrived in the mail. It’s time to plan your wedding album, to memorialize the event in a photo album that you’ll cherish for years to come. Here are some tips to help you make the process go smoothly and have your [...]

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After the Wedding: What Happens to Your Wedding Photos in Post-Production?

Some of the most important work your wedding photographer does happens after the wedding. That also happens to be the most time-consuming stage. Ever wonder why photographers estimate up to eight weeks to get your photos back to you? Here's what happens to your wedding photos in post-production. First, the photos need to be downloaded [...]

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Spice Up Your DIY Wedding Album with Photo Booth Pictures

In your parents’ day, wedding albums consisted mostly of posed portraits of the bride and groom, their wedding parties and their families. Maybe there was a picture or two of the cake cutting and first dance. In the wave of wedding photography after that, candid photos became the norm. A good wedding album would showcase [...]

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Wedding Photography Timeline

8-18 months before: Shop around for a wedding photographer Decide on your budget and start shopping around. Decide what photography style you like best, ask recently married friends about their photographers, and put out requests on social media for recommendations and to see if you indirectly know any professional photographers. Check online portfolios and make [...]

How to Save on Wedding Photography (Part I)

There is no way around it – wedding photography can be expensive. Some couples spend upwards of $10,000 to have their big day captured on film (…or digital files). But even the average price, around $2,500, is still a hefty price tag for many couples. The wedding only lasts a day, but the photography is [...]

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