How to Save Money on Wedding Food and Drinks Without Cutting Corners

For some couples, the food and drink are the highlight of the wedding (aside from actually getting married, or course). It can cost up to 40 percent for a foodie reception – but it doesn’t have to. Here are some tips for cutting back on spending without cutting back on experience. Wedding Drinks Have a [...]

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Winter Wedding Ideas

Nothing is more beautiful than a white wedding – white with snow, that is. Whether you’re planning a winter wedding, or you’re surprised with an early spring snowstorm, your options for accessorizing are endless. Here are some of our favorite winter wedding ideas. The cover-up First, you’ll want to make sure you stay warm. Even [...]

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Alternatives to Wedding Cakes

We’ve talked about alternatives to flowers. Now, let’s talk about alternatives to wedding cakes. Sure, everyone loves cake, but why not surprise your guests with something a little different? It’s a fun way to put your personal stamp on your wedding. Close Substitutes Cupcakes – It’s cake without the hassle. You’re not limited to one [...]

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How to Have a Green Eco-Friendly Wedding

Weddings are often extravagant affairs, costing tens of thousands of dollars with no regard paid to the ripples they may make on the environment or your community. Whether you want to go all green or are just looking for a few easy ways to reduce the impact on the environment, there’s lots of eco-friendly things [...]

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5 Surprising Ways to Make Your Wedding Food Delightful

We’re going to branch out a little bit from only writing about wedding photography, because, let’s face it – there’s a lot more to weddings than photography! Like the food. And considering how many people post pictures of what they’re eating on Facebook and Instagram, it’s not such a far stretch after all. Here are [...]

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