Reasons to Have a Brunch Reception

We love to see couples curate their own unique weddings. We love seeing more and more couples get creative with individual expressions. We've also noticed that older trends are popping back up. One of the cutest old-is-new-again trends we've seen is the brunch reception. Not everyone is into wine and all night dance parties and [...]

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Distillery Wedding Receptions

More couples are tiring of the usual hotel or banquet hall wedding receptions and starting to look outside the box at venues. One of the newest trends: distillery wedding receptions. Other than the obvious focus on the beverage portion of the event, distilleries offer some amazing ambiance and history for those who want a more [...]

Fall Wedding Trends We Know You’ll Fall For

Are you planning a Fall wedding? You may be getting the details in order for your upcoming event, or maybe you are newly engaged and thinking ahead to next year. Either way, there are some fantastic reasons to plan for autumn nuptials. While many newly engaged couples immediately think: summer sun, strapless gowns, and light [...]

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How to Cater a Food Truck Wedding!

Food trucks have quickly become the hottest culinary phenomenon to hit the streets! One of the funnest wedding trends to follow has been to host a food truck wedding. Food trucks can bring an informal and carnival-like atmosphere to the feel of your reception. They are fun, great conversation starters and an awesome excuse for folks [...]

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How to Make Sure You Find the Perfect Wedding Cake

Baked goods aren’t cheap to begin with. And even if you’re paying top dollar, that certainly doesn’t guarantee quality, as anyone who has tasted a dry, pasty wedding cake before knows. Here’s a how-to guide to find the most delicious cake for the best price. 1. Before you being shopping, you need to have an [...]

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10 Wedding-Worthy Champagne Cocktails

Champagne is for special occasions and for celebrations, and no wedding feels complete without at least one champagne toast. But why just serve straight bubbly when you can fancy it up with a bit of juice, syrup or liqueur? Below are some of our favorite ideas for wedding-worthy champagne cocktails. Champagne Cocktail: A classic. Champagne, [...]

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Food Photography Tips to Create Beautiful, Professional Images

We’ve all drooled over beautiful food photography before, hoping to create that dish that looks just like the image that inspired us to host our next party with the featured dish we found most visually appealing on Pinterest and our favorite food blogs! Showcase and savor the memories of your best culinary creations with our tips [...]

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10 Lavender Wedding Details You’ll Love

It’s pretty, it smells good and you can order it in bulk. What’s not to love about lavender? Here's a list of our absolutely favorite lavender wedding details for inspiration. 1. Send pressed lavender invitations. Dried, pressed flowers make gorgeous paper crafts – what better way to add a touch of something special to your wedding [...]

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Wedding Reception Food Ideas: How to Choose Your Best Option

It’s not just the flavor of the food that makes your wedding dinner (or lunch or brunch or what have you) successful. First, you have to start with the right model. Depending on the formality of your wedding, your budget and the other events planned for the reception, you may want a sit-down dinner, a [...]

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DIY Wedding Favors and Trims: The Foodie Edition

Let’s face it – sometimes 'do-it-yourself' isn’t easier or cheaper. Especially when you factor in the amount of time you end up dedicating to the project. Let’s highlight some fast DIY wedding favors and trims that you can knock out in a weekend (or less!) Cake Toppers These projects come compiled courtesy The Knot. For full instructions [...]

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