Steps for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cuisine

One of the key moments guests look forward to at a wedding is, of course, being fed. With old and young, vegetarian and meat-eaters, fulfilling everybody’s tastes at a wedding is a tall order. Not to mention, you want something that in some way suits the two of you and is in keeping to your [...]

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Wedding Trends: Wedding Cake Alternatives

Every part of your wedding is unique to you – the ceremony, decoration, music – so why not the cake? More and more weddings are veering off the traditional path and choosing modern, colorful, and personalized wedding cake alternatives. If you’re in the camp of the not-so-traditional, here are some delicious and decorative wedding cake [...]

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4 Quick Tips for Stocking Your Wedding Bar

Wedding planning is fun and exciting and also daunting and stressful. One of the big expenses of the celebration is the bar tab. It's not just a simple decision of having a cash bar or an open bar: there are endless decisions about what kinds of alcohol to serve, the size of the selection, when [...]

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Our 5 Favorite Wedding Photos of the Week

Wedding season is in full effect right now with nearly every weekend booked with a beautiful event all summer long. Weddings vary so much in their styles, details, colors, and cultures, and we're always so excited to see the beautiful images come rolling in. Each wedding is so different from the next, with creative custom [...]

Customize Your Big Day with a Signature Wedding Drink

So you have your dress selected, first dance song picked, and even your wedding website built - what's one more way to add a personal touch to your wedding day? Customize your big day with a signature wedding drink! One of the growing trends we love seeing is the wedding couple's signature wedding drink. This [...]

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6 Wedding Themes We Love

Weddings don't have to be all about the white dress, 3-tier wedding cake, and robust floral centerpieces. They can be full of life and personality, reflecting the unique traits that make you, you. Inject a little personality into your big day with a fun themed wedding. Are you still as obsessed with The Notebook as [...]

Head-Turning Dessert Table Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

We can all pretend that we attend weddings just to see good friends and family join their lives together in love, but secretly, we know it's also for the food. The days of full meals and cake only as a sweet dessert are long gone as far as weddings are concerned, replaced by a wide [...]

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See What We Are Pinning Today

Like practically everyone else, we are totally obsessed with Pinterest. We're such a visual species and Pinterest affords us the convenience of easily and beautifully categorizing everything we love into one place. Recipes, inspiration, clothing we love, it's all right there at our fingertips. If you're at all like me you can get sucked into [...]

10 Favorite Photos in This Week’s Wedding Wrap Up

I thought we'd end the week with a smattering of beautiful wedding images from the previous few days.  These are my personal favorites from around the web and I think they'll inspire your own wedding plans. So what if you're already married? Here are my 10 Favorite Photos in This Week's Wedding Wrap Up. I [...]

Real Wedding Inspiration: 9 Cozy and Elegant Winter Weddings

Admittedly, winter isn't the first season many brides choose for their nuptials, but that doesn't mean the season with a reason can't be the host of a beautiful, elegant, cozy wedding fit for a winter queen, her king and all their guests. Think about it; during winter months, most, if not all, of your friends and [...]

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