Our Top 5 Reasons to Plan a Spooky Halloween Wedding

What's more fun than planning a wedding? Planning a holiday wedding, of course! We are seeing more and more couples tie the knot with a holiday theme in mind. Why simply have a Fall wedding when you can have a spooky Halloween wedding, instead? If you love this holiday, why not make it official by [...]

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11 Unique Wedding Ceremony Exit Ideas

Walking down the aisle is no doubt one of the bride's favorite parts of any wedding, but increasingly, brides and grooms are spending more time and effort deciding how to leave the ceremony once they become Mr. and Mrs. In olden days, the most popular exit ceremony traditions were the tossing of rice or birdseed. [...]

Styling with Sweet Succulents

One of our favorite wedding trends right now is decorating with succulents. Styling with sweet succulents is a different and beautiful way to add tons of different textures of greenery into practically anything. And by greenery we aren't just talking shades of turquoise and teal; succulents come in every color imaginable. Bright purples, soft greys, [...]

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10 Ideas for an Amazingly Fun Wedding

As you've probably learned by now, we LOVE seeing new and different wedding ideas pop up. Weddings have always been an expression of love but even more so now, an expression of the couple's personalities and uniqueness. Marriage is serious business and couples these days really want their big day to be fun! Photo booths [...]

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Distillery Wedding Receptions

More couples are tiring of the usual hotel or banquet hall wedding receptions and starting to look outside the box at venues. One of the newest trends: distillery wedding receptions. Other than the obvious focus on the beverage portion of the event, distilleries offer some amazing ambiance and history for those who want a more [...]

Fall Wedding Trends We Know You’ll Fall For

Are you planning a Fall wedding? You may be getting the details in order for your upcoming event, or maybe you are newly engaged and thinking ahead to next year. Either way, there are some fantastic reasons to plan for autumn nuptials. While many newly engaged couples immediately think: summer sun, strapless gowns, and light [...]

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A few of Our Favorite Wedding Props

Start following any major wedding publication or blog and you'll notice one major trend: Wedding "props" are where it's at. Carefully chosen items can easily turn your wedding day into an elaborate event with personality and style as unique as you are. You may see a stack of antique books resting next to a cuddling [...]

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10 Steps to Planning a Memorable Beach Wedding

If you have always dreamed of a beach wedding, there are several great ideas for ways to make your big day extra special. With nature's perfect setting and a few simple ideas, your wedding is sure to be a memorable experience for both you and your guests. Here are ten beach wedding ideas to help [...]

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Reception Venue

Choosing where to hold your reception is one of the biggest decisions of the wedding. It sets the stage for the feel of the entire event. It's also a big chunk of the budget and can be quite an overwhelming experience. Here are some tips to help you navigate the jungle. A brief step-by-step guide [...]

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Wedding Pearls: The Symbol of Royalty, Beauty & Love

What’s the deal with pearls and weddings? Pearls were likely discovered several thousand years ago, as people were hunting for food. After their discovery, they quickly became prized for their beauty, according to the Cultured Pearl Information Center. Supposedly Cleopatra dissolved one in her wine and drank it in some sort of attempt to seduce [...]

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