Winter Wedding Ideas

Nothing is more beautiful than a white wedding – white with snow, that is. Whether you’re planning a winter wedding, or you’re surprised with an early spring snowstorm, your options for accessorizing are endless. Here are some of our favorite winter wedding ideas. The cover-up First, you’ll want to make sure you stay warm. Even [...]

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Wedding Veil Alternatives

The white lace, the tulle flowing from your hair, the fishnet draped seductively over your eyes – you hate it all. That’s okay. You don’t need a veil – there are so many gorgeous/fun/quirky/what-have-you alternatives to veils these days that you should really put some thought into what you’ll put on your head. From tiaras [...]

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What Every Bride Ought to Know About Wedding Veils

Wedding veils come in different lengths, materials and styles. It helps to have an idea of what you’re talking about before you go shopping. When choosing your veil, consider the formality of your wedding, budget and desired hairstyle. If you want to spend less than $100, you’re looking at single-layer, tulle veils of shorter lengths. [...]

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