10 Favorite Photos in This Week’s Wedding Wrap Up

I thought we'd end the week with a smattering of beautiful wedding images from the previous few days.  These are my personal favorites from around the web and I think they'll inspire your own wedding plans. So what if you're already married? Here are my 10 Favorite Photos in This Week's Wedding Wrap Up. I [...]

10 Nontraditional Engagement Rings You’ll Love

Jana Williams Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Or are they? What does that mean for a ruby, sapphire, or emerald-loving gal? It seems engagement rings these days are made from the same mold. Not that I'd complain about a sparkly solitaire, but with so many gemstones, settings, and metals, I drool a little more [...]

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5 Quick Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

One of the most exciting parts about wedding planning is, obviously, the dress. As a bride, you're the center of attention. The groom could all but wear a paper bag and no one would really notice, right? There are some important things to keep in mind when plunging into the magical world that is wedding [...]

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Wedding Planning and Footing the Bill

So you're engaged. Congrats! You've joined the club. You've got the ring, the parents' permission, and are officially using any excuse to refer to your partner as "fiance," in your best French accent. So what's next? Now, lovebirds, begins the daunting (but amazing) journey that is wedding planning. Flowers, dresses, the whole nine yards. Before [...]

Real Wedding Inspiration: 9 Cozy and Elegant Winter Weddings

Admittedly, winter isn't the first season many brides choose for their nuptials, but that doesn't mean the season with a reason can't be the host of a beautiful, elegant, cozy wedding fit for a winter queen, her king and all their guests. Think about it; during winter months, most, if not all, of your friends and [...]

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Our Top 5 Reasons to Plan a Spooky Halloween Wedding

What's more fun than planning a wedding? Planning a holiday wedding, of course! We are seeing more and more couples tie the knot with a holiday theme in mind. Why simply have a Fall wedding when you can have a spooky Halloween wedding, instead? If you love this holiday, why not make it official by [...]

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Styling with Sweet Succulents

One of our favorite wedding trends right now is decorating with succulents. Styling with sweet succulents is a different and beautiful way to add tons of different textures of greenery into practically anything. And by greenery we aren't just talking shades of turquoise and teal; succulents come in every color imaginable. Bright purples, soft greys, [...]

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Something Blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We all know the adage, and no matter how traditional you may -  or may not be - we all want a little luck on our big day. Couples are becoming more creative in they incorporate these little details - especially the something blue. Robins egg, royal, [...]

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Our Favorite Flower Crowns

Summer weddings are so much fun. Warm sunshine, flowers in full bloom, and a million different wedding trends to choose from. Speaking of full bloom flowers, one of the wedding trends we never tire of is flower crowns. There are so many different kinds of flower crowns you can make or purchase. Our favorites are, [...]

By | August 13th, 2014|Categories: DIY Wedding, Wedding Attire, Wedding Trends|

2015 Wedding Dress Trends

2015 is already ringing in some fun wedding dress trends for newly engaged brides to take note of. Thinking all you'll have to choose from is a sea of strapless? Think again. There are more options than ever for a wedding dress style perfect for you. Off the shoulder You may have visions (or memories) [...]

By | July 30th, 2014|Categories: Wedding Attire, Wedding Planning, Wedding Trends, Weddings|

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