How to Find Your Dream Gown…Without Breaking the Bank

The number one priority for most brides to be is finding the perfect wedding dress. This is your one day to look and feel the most beautiful in your life, so of course you want to find a dress that makes you feel this way. But you also don’t want to blow your budget - [...]

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Wedding Dress Trends: The Two-Piece Knockout

With wedding dresses becoming more and more modern, we extend the ability to integrate our creativity into our wedding planning, and have a little fun with what we wear. If you’re veering away from the traditional one-piece A-line dress, then check out the latest trend: the two-piece knockout. You also have the advantage of picking [...]

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10 Best Wedding Shows on TV Now

We all love a guilty pleasure reality show binge, and wedding shows make up some of the best reality shows on TV. Whether you’re looking for tips for your upcoming wedding, inspiration for planning a wedding, or just some good old drama and extravagance, here is a list of the top ten wedding shows. Photo [...]

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10 Fall Wedding Details We Love

Summer has officially drawn to a close, but don't despair - wedding season is still in full swing for those couples who have chosen to have an autumn affair. If you love glowy sunset light, and landscapes bathed in the warm glow of the sun bouncing off of Fall's orchestra of reds, oranges, golds, and [...]

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10 Wedding Shoe Options for Girls Who Hate Heels

Let's face it: we are not all heel lovers. As much as I swoon over Carrie Bradshaw's closet, I also severely envy her ability to bounce all over Manhattan in those 4-inch Manolos. Some of us simply lack the grace, coordination, and footbeds to wear high heels no matter how much we try. So what's [...]

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7 Reasons to Love Sequins

The way we dress is a reflection of our personalities. Sequins are pretty much the international fashion symbol for "party!" Really, though, they're glitzy, glamorous, and fun. You don't have to look like a disco ball to wear them though; even full-sequined dresses can be classy, demure, and ultra modern. We've seen some gorgeous, fun-colored [...]

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Stylist Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Hair

Photo credit: Bryce Covey Photography Rain, humidity, and too many hair products can all impact your hair on the big day. We stumbled on this great article from Wedding Ideas with great tips for avoiding wedding hair disasters. The article shares some great tips from the experts at who see brides and their [...]

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8 Reasons to Love a Downton Abbey Wedding

Downton Abbey has us all hooked, and it's easy to see why. The upstairs - downstairs storylines, the characters deep, dark secrets, and of course, the fashion. Vintage fashion and, of course, those antique rings, never go out of style, and now that the show is such a hit, we're seeing a resurgence of Downtown-inspired [...]

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6 Wedding Themes We Love

Weddings don't have to be all about the white dress, 3-tier wedding cake, and robust floral centerpieces. They can be full of life and personality, reflecting the unique traits that make you, you. Inject a little personality into your big day with a fun themed wedding. Are you still as obsessed with The Notebook as [...]

10 Fresh Color Palettes for Summer Weddings

The summer wedding season is almost upon us! That means everything from amazing brights, beautiful earth tones, and warm, softer shades. Our favorite wedding blogs showcase real couples and real weddings - indoor, outdoor, local, and international. They inspire us and give us ideas for our own nuptials. Here, we've rounded up 10 fresh color [...]

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