Tips on Staying Healthy as a Couple

Among the various elements of wedding planning, rarely do you think about the impact the lead up to the big day can have on your mind and body. Of course, everyone wants to look good on the wedding day, which usually means dieting and slimming down, but couples should take care to ensure they are [...]

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8 Unusual Wedding Venue Inspirations

If you’ve decided that your venue is the top pick for your wedding splurge, then make it something memorable. Maybe going magnificent and glamorous isn’t your thing. Great, because we have some truly inspiring and quirky suggestions for you. Yurt Okay, this one is totally off the charts, as it is becoming more popular in [...]

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10 Wedding Traditions Worldwide

From face painting to dress trashing, day-long ceremonies, and super-short ones, we all have our own way of celebrating weddings. The melting pot that is the US has its own unique twists, borrowing from customs of their heritage, but what are weddings like across the globe? Here are some unusual and beautiful wedding traditions from [...]

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Inspiration for a Travel-Themed Wedding

One of the most fun things about planning a wedding is using your interests and passions as themes for the special day. When my husband and I met in 2008, we were young and loved swapping stories of our previous experiences studying abroad in Spain (for me) and backing Europe (for him). This grew to [...]

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A Road Trip Through Iceland: Photos

There's something incredible about a place seemingly untouched by other people. Although the country of Iceland is home to 300,000 people, many will hibernate through the long, dark winters. So when you drive along snow covered roads, it could be hours until you see another car or person. This makes for a very surreal experience, [...]

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Travel Writers Share Their Best Photos Worldwide

Have you ever taken a photo while traveling and thought, I can't wait to show everyone back home! Some of our fondest memories happen on the road - whether we're sharing daiquiris with loved ones in the Caribbean, trekking solo across the Swiss Alps or anywhere in between. Just make sure you do something special with those [...]

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5 Alternative Ideas for DIY Photo Albums

Custom DIY albums aren't just for weddings anymore! There's a zillion reasons you could create your own customized, priceless album that can showcase your memories, highlight your professional work or remind you of loved ones. Here's a couple out-of-the-box inspirations: An Epic Vacation Album Showing that giant mountain range to your friend on your cell [...]

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London Calling

  You always hear about London in books, movies, on the radio. Well, it was one of the pioneers of pop culture, whether it was films or music. There were the English Mods in the sixties, the Punks in the seventies... I mean England gave us the BEATLES for crying out loud.. They gave us [...]

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“Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it”

Edinburgh, Scotland was lovely. Picturesque in a historic way, where you walk out of the downtown mall and a castle is looming over you from a hill of volcanic rock, taking you right back to the days of Braveheart. The Scottish people were so friendly. Even though their thick accent was throwing me off, before [...]

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The adventurous travel of the mind, body and soul

Most people see travelling as an action or a verb. The physical state of movement from one place to another in length, in range, in motion. I see travel a little differently. I view it as a feeling. The feeling of attaining groundbreaking information, possessing new found knowledge, acquiring insightful wisdom that promotes personal growth... [...]

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