6 Steps For Planning Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

I just stumbled on this article featured on the Huffington Post and thought it had some great tips for anyone currently planning a wedding. Weddings are big business and even the most intimate of affairs can be incredibly costly for those involved. Know that there are ways, however, to plan a beautiful bash on even [...]

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The Sweet Way One Couple Included Loved Ones in Their Wedding

Photo credit:The Bird and the Bear Photography via PopSugar Weddings are all about celebrating our love with the most important people in our lives. We go to great lengths to include them: giving them roles in our weddings, asking them to do readings or light candles in our ceremonies (or even perform the ceremonies for [...]

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10 Romantic Photos Guaranteed to Make You Swoon

Who doesn't love looking at other people's wedding photos? I see them everyday, and I still haven't tired of them. There's so much to soak in of the creativity, originality, and of course, the love. Here's a small smattering of some lovin' - 10 romantic photos guaranteed to make you swoon - to finish out [...]

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A Beautiful Wedding Day Gift From Mother to Daughter

ABC News.com reported this sweet story about a bride who received a beautiful letter from her mother on her wedding day. As touching as any letter from mother to daughter is, this one was especially precious as it was written 20 years ago. Sherry, a maternity nurse, met Lauren's birth mother while working at South [...]

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Our 5 Favorite Wedding Photos of the Week

Wedding season is in full effect right now with nearly every weekend booked with a beautiful event all summer long. Weddings vary so much in their styles, details, colors, and cultures, and we're always so excited to see the beautiful images come rolling in. Each wedding is so different from the next, with creative custom [...]

Anniversary Couple Recreated Their Original Wedding Photos from 1975

Photo credit: A Silent Story We seem to hear so much about divorce these days. Every other day I hear about someone else's and we all know the statistics. However, we can't help but believe in forever, here at Fizara. Every time we see your beautiful wedding images, and the albums you lovingly created with [...]

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The World’s Most Elaborate Weddings According to Daily Mail

Face it: getting married can cost a small fortune, and these days, weddings, themselves, are all about the "wow factor." Multiple wedding gowns, custom everything, and even private fireworks at the end of the night are the new norm.We just stumbled on an article showcasing a few of the world's most elaborate weddings according to [...]

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Peek Inside a Perfect Fizara Album

If you've been following us for a while, you've probably noticed we love to blog about all things wedding, family, and photography-related. We love celebrating - and helping people celebrate - all of life's biggest moments through beautiful album designs. We like to sprinkle tips and info to help you create your perfect album into [...]

10 Favorite Photos in This Week’s Wedding Wrap Up

I thought we'd end the week with a smattering of beautiful wedding images from the previous few days.  These are my personal favorites from around the web and I think they'll inspire your own wedding plans. So what if you're already married? Here are my 10 Favorite Photos in This Week's Wedding Wrap Up. I [...]

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