7 Tips to Avoid Being a Bridezilla

It’s the term every bride dreads. Part stressed bride-to-be, part monster, a bridezilla forms at the darkest hour of the wedding planning process. With vendor issues, unreliable bridal parties, and uncooperative grooms begets this creature of ugliness, spit, and unreasonable demands. Still, it is a term that is bandied about all too quickly as soon [...]

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5 Tips on Recovering from Wedding Planning Disasters

Who would have thought that planning a wedding would be far from a walk in the park? Well, pretty much everyone knows that. Disaster abounds, but nobody tells you what to do when your plans fall through or people turn out to be not so reliable. As stressful as a wedding already is, unforeseen problems [...]

Wedding Trends: Bold Color Palettes

It’s 2016 and everybody is going bold for their weddings – which includes the color palette. So you’re lucky if you're not into muted tones and pastels, as choosing a vibrant color scheme to match your personality has never been so popular. With shades and hues you would never think to put together, here are [...]

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Tips for Communicating Well Through Wedding Planning

They say that one of the most stressful things you can do in life is to get married. So it’s no surprise that the time period before saying ‘yes’ and saying ‘I do’ will be a bit of a struggle between the two of you. Planning a wedding involves a lot of juggling, money saving, [...]

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How to Embrace Wedding Photo Mistakes

No matter how much we plan, we all have those unplanned and unpredictable moments in our life. They are unavoidable, and can even happen on your wedding day. So what to do when a manic horse’s face jumps into the lens at the last second, or you accidentally flash your underwear at the camera on [...]

10 Tips for Getting Your Groom in the Spotlight

One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is often being the groom. Seemingly less important, his fun wedding ideas less valued, he can feel like he needs to ‘butt out’ and leave everything upto the bride. After all, it’s the dress that gets all the attention, and sometimes your groom can end up [...]

Inspiration for a Travel-Themed Wedding

One of the most fun things about planning a wedding is using your interests and passions as themes for the special day. When my husband and I met in 2008, we were young and loved swapping stories of our previous experiences studying abroad in Spain (for me) and backing Europe (for him). This grew to [...]

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Clever Tips for Celebrating an “Unplugged” Wedding

The band strikes the first chord. Everyone is holding their breath. Bridal parties slowly make their way down the aisles while the groom nervously awaits at the front. At last, the bride comes toward the crowd as the couples' friends and family smile with tears in their eyes for this incredibly special day. And then, [...]

5 Ways to Make your Wedding Day Wallet-Friendly

Time saving tips for weddings are important, but what's even better than that? Saving money! Many couples are working on starting their lives together and look for ways to cut corners, but not sacrifice too much on their wedding day. Here's a few useful guidelines to get your wedding plan on the right track: Think [...]

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The Best Piece of Marriage Advice As Told to Time

When you fall in love, everything is beautiful, young, new, and so full of hope. The glass is perpetually half-full and the possibilities seem endless, and there are no limits to your love. Naturally, we want to take that next step: marriage, a family, forever. But the day-to-day is hard. And life, we hope, is [...]

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