Travel Writers Share Their Best Photos Worldwide

Have you ever taken a photo while traveling and thought, I can't wait to show everyone back home! Some of our fondest memories happen on the road - whether we're sharing daiquiris with loved ones in the Caribbean, trekking solo across the Swiss Alps or anywhere in between. Just make sure you do something special with those [...]

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Newborn Baby Pictures: 10 Tips to Prepare for Your Baby’s First Photo Shoot

Newborn baby pictures are adorable. But, when you’re expecting a baby, it seems like you have enough on your mind without even thinking about baby pictures right after the birth. Babies grow up and change so fast, so time is of the essence. The photo shoot should be done within two weeks of the birth, [...]

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Baby’s First Christmas Pictures Ideas

Baby’s first Christmas is a special time. I’m sure you would agree that baby pictures are adorable, but there is nothing more adorable than the precious childhood memory of baby’s first Christmas pictures. Whether you plan to splurge on a professional photo shoot or trying to save money by taking your baby’s first Christmas pictures [...]

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Meet Photographer Jesus Santos

I've had the pleasure of getting to know a little bit about some very talented photographers from around the country. Today, meet Jesus Santos of Bodas Modernas Photography. Jesus is a Chicago-based photographer who shoots both film and digital photography. Jesus has been shooting professionally for 8 years. He started shooting landscapes but quickly moved [...]

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10 Romantic Photos Guaranteed to Make You Swoon

Who doesn't love looking at other people's wedding photos? I see them everyday, and I still haven't tired of them. There's so much to soak in of the creativity, originality, and of course, the love. Here's a small smattering of some lovin' - 10 romantic photos guaranteed to make you swoon - to finish out [...]

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Our 5 Favorite Wedding Photos of the Week

Wedding season is in full effect right now with nearly every weekend booked with a beautiful event all summer long. Weddings vary so much in their styles, details, colors, and cultures, and we're always so excited to see the beautiful images come rolling in. Each wedding is so different from the next, with creative custom [...]

The Taylor Swift Photography Contract Everyone Is Talking About

Photo credit: The Guardian I've been reading a lot about the Taylor Swift photography contract that everyone is talking about. In case you haven't heard, it is reported that Ms. Swift released a photographer contract for press and freelance photographers who come to her shows, that they have to agree to some pretty stringent-sounding terms [...]

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Are your Instagram Photos Worth Thousands?

Most of us are on Instagram, or at least, familiar with it. The photo sharing site is a favorite amongst photographers, enthusiasts, celebrities, and those of us who really like taking photos of our food. Have you ever heard that what's shared on the internet is there forever? What exactly happens to the millions of [...]

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How to Take Amazing Sparkler Photos This 4th of July

The 4th of July is upon us! Get ready to celebrate our great nation with all-you-can-eat barbeque, a lazy afternoon on the lake, and of course, fireworks. I love seeing photos of fireworks and, especially, sparklers. There is something so cute about the tiny, hand-held twinklers that just screams, "celebrate!" Summer weddings just look like [...]

Our 5 Favorite Photography Gifs

You've seen them: animated memes, often of funny moments or events, forever playing on a loop, so that we never have to refresh our screens. Ever. Gifs are 2 or more static photos played on repeat so they become an animated movie. Think of them like tiny flipbooks. Sites like Giphy have collections of thousands [...]

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