A Guide for Sibling Photography

If there’s anything we find more adorable and rewarding to shoot than newborn photography, it’s sibling photography. With a wide range of ages, and the complexities of newborn’s and toddlers’ needs, sibling photography can certainly be a bit of a challenge. But when then payoff is this good, it’s definitely worth it. Here is our [...]

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Fall Family Photo Ideas

Fall is finally here, and it’s time to take full advantage of its natural beauty. A very popular time of year for family photography, fall gives you the perfect palette to get started with early holiday cards and gifts. Not only that, a fall family photo shoot is a great way of getting into the [...]

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10 Design Tips for a Flawless Wedding Album

After your big day has passed, your mood is sky-high, and your wedding photography impeccable, it’s now time to create your flawless wedding album. Where to begin? How much time do you have? Let’s get started on some top album tips for your wedding photography. Tell a story You don’t want your photos haphazard and [...]

8 of Our Favorite Newborn Photographers

If you’ve ever discovered the joys of newborn photography, you know how addictive it is to look through the adorable snaps and before you know it, you’ve been sucked into a baby vortex and lost two hours of your life. It takes a certain knack for creativity and tons of patience to get that perfect [...]

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Wedding Trends: Tech Nerds

The age of technology is upon us, and you basically can’t escape it, so why not embrace it? For tech nerds out there, this could mean a true wedding of your dreams, with technology coming out of your ears. For those not so enthusiastic, there are plenty of subtle additions you may be surprised to [...]

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10 Wedding Traditions Worldwide

From face painting to dress trashing, day-long ceremonies, and super-short ones, we all have our own way of celebrating weddings. The melting pot that is the US has its own unique twists, borrowing from customs of their heritage, but what are weddings like across the globe? Here are some unusual and beautiful wedding traditions from [...]

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Perfect Beaches for Destination Weddings Around the World

Ahhhh, the beach. Is there no where else as wonderful as the coast? There's a reason people flock to beaches all over the planet for their destination weddings. From east to west, Asia to the Caribbean and everywhere in between, beaches offer an ideal setting for love. Not to mention, every one of them has a [...]

How to Embrace Wedding Photo Mistakes

No matter how much we plan, we all have those unplanned and unpredictable moments in our life. They are unavoidable, and can even happen on your wedding day. So what to do when a manic horse’s face jumps into the lens at the last second, or you accidentally flash your underwear at the camera on [...]

Wedding Dress Trends: The Two-Piece Knockout

With wedding dresses becoming more and more modern, we extend the ability to integrate our creativity into our wedding planning, and have a little fun with what we wear. If you’re veering away from the traditional one-piece A-line dress, then check out the latest trend: the two-piece knockout. You also have the advantage of picking [...]

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A Road Trip Through Iceland: Photos

There's something incredible about a place seemingly untouched by other people. Although the country of Iceland is home to 300,000 people, many will hibernate through the long, dark winters. So when you drive along snow covered roads, it could be hours until you see another car or person. This makes for a very surreal experience, [...]

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