9 Tips for Taking Better Holiday Photos

It’s that time of year again; the holidays are approaching, decorations are being put out, and it’s the perfect time for some adorable and memorable holiday photos. You have special outfits for the kids - and pets - all ready, your pumpkins and baubles are nicely decorating the house, and you can’t wait to capture [...]

A Guide for Sibling Photography

If there’s anything we find more adorable and rewarding to shoot than newborn photography, it’s sibling photography. With a wide range of ages, and the complexities of newborn’s and toddlers’ needs, sibling photography can certainly be a bit of a challenge. But when then payoff is this good, it’s definitely worth it. Here is our [...]

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Fall Family Photo Ideas

Fall is finally here, and it’s time to take full advantage of its natural beauty. A very popular time of year for family photography, fall gives you the perfect palette to get started with early holiday cards and gifts. Not only that, a fall family photo shoot is a great way of getting into the [...]

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10 Design Tips for a Flawless Wedding Album

After your big day has passed, your mood is sky-high, and your wedding photography impeccable, it’s now time to create your flawless wedding album. Where to begin? How much time do you have? Let’s get started on some top album tips for your wedding photography. Tell a story You don’t want your photos haphazard and [...]

Tips and Ideas for Baby and Fur Baby Photos

You’re doing what everyone in show business knows not to do  - working with animals and children. Bravo, you brave soul, bravo. While they may look insanely adorable, baby and fur baby photo shoots aren’t as easy as they look. Here are some tips to keep you sane, calm, and in control. Well fed (both) [...]

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The Best Baby Photo Milestones

Those first 12 months of your baby’s life are some of the most precious, and seem to fly by in an instant. All you want to do is snap away to keep the memories of your little one forever. Here’s a roundup of some of the best baby milestones for your photo album. Newborn Newborn [...]

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Some DIY Ideas for Baby Photo Outfits

Aside from the usual and oh-so-adorable babies in blankets photos, there are some truly amazing and creative opportunities to take advantage of. While you can opt for a custom made outfit by your photographer, there are plenty of money saving ideas that allow you to try out your artistic side and put together an affordable [...]

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How to Embrace Wedding Photo Mistakes

No matter how much we plan, we all have those unplanned and unpredictable moments in our life. They are unavoidable, and can even happen on your wedding day. So what to do when a manic horse’s face jumps into the lens at the last second, or you accidentally flash your underwear at the camera on [...]

Travel Writers Share Their Best Photos Worldwide

Have you ever taken a photo while traveling and thought, I can't wait to show everyone back home! Some of our fondest memories happen on the road - whether we're sharing daiquiris with loved ones in the Caribbean, trekking solo across the Swiss Alps or anywhere in between. Just make sure you do something special with those [...]

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Baby’s First Christmas Pictures Ideas

Baby’s first Christmas is a special time. I’m sure you would agree that baby pictures are adorable, but there is nothing more adorable than the precious childhood memory of baby’s first Christmas pictures. Whether you plan to splurge on a professional photo shoot or trying to save money by taking your baby’s first Christmas pictures [...]

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