3 Newborn Photography Videos We Love

One of our most popular posts is 10 Photos to Take on Baby's First Day. We, as photographers, love the art of newborn photography and it seems you guys do too. There is so much that goes into those beautiful images of a few-day-old baby: space heaters, props, a whole lot of patience, and an [...]

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Brittany Carress Shares Her Pro Tips for Senior Portraits

Photography can be intimidating, even for the most experienced pro. You have to be prepared for things to change in an instant; know your equipment inside and out; and have an armful of tricks to engage your client, at the ready. If you have teenagers at home, you are probably well aware of just how [...]

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Allison and Juan’s Ann Arbor Engagement

I have the coziest Midwest engagement to share with you today. Allison and Juan's Ann Arbor engagement session is soft, moody, and oh-so romantic. This couple has quite a bit going them: Together for 4 years, transcontinental, and the parents definitely approve. Allison, the sweet (and gorgeous) bride-to-be, shares some advice she's learned along the [...]

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Meet Kat, of Kat Ku Photography

Andy Rooney said, The average dog is a nicer person than the average person. Most of us with pets agree that they are so much more than pets. They're our furbabies. Our family. I recently had the complete privilege to get to know someone who really believes this to be true, and lives her life [...]

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