Holiday Gift Ideas from Fizara

The holidays are right around the corner. Where did 2014 go?? As more and more shoppers get in the online shopping game, we think its a perfect time to entice you with gorgeous photo albums you can create and order without even getting out of your pajamas! This time of year is all about family, [...]

5 Simple Ways To Add Style To Your Custom Photo Album

Making an amazing photo album that your family and friends will cherish takes a little more work than just piling some of your favorite photos into a book in any random order. But, that doesn’t mean creating a professional looking photo album is hard. The Fizara Album Designer can actually make the process easy and [...]

Love Our Lay Flat Photo Books

If you haven't noticed by now, we LOVE displaying photography. Canvases, framed prints, heck, life-sized cutouts - whatever your heart desires; we love it all. Albums and photo books of all kinds are our favorites though, and we like to think, our specialty. There are several different kinds of albums, and one of our personal [...]

Why It Pays to DIY to Get An Elegant Wedding Photo Album

Last April we gave you a list of reasons why creating your own wedding album beats hiring a professional. If you're planning your wedding budget now, or figuring out what you'll do with all the digital wedding pics already on your computer, you can check out that post right here. Choosing to design and create your [...]

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Get Creative With Masks and Vignettes in Your DIY Photo Album

The Fizara Album Designer offers several different design tools to add a personal touch to your custom photo albums. For example, you can quickly add a mask or vignette to some of your photos to give them a fun, creative look. Using the preset mask options inside Fizara Album Designer provides you with a wide [...]

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How to Create Your Very Own Foodie Photo Book

So you want to build a photo book of yummies? If there is one thing we're obsessed with across the board, it’s food. Some of us can cook it; some of us can’t. But the vast majority of us love to eat it, and since we have taste buds, we love to look at it too! [...]

By | September 12th, 2014|Categories: Design Tips and Tricks, DIY Photo Album, Photo Books, Photography, Photography Tips|

6 Quick Tips for Your Perfect Wedding Album

Months of wedding planning have paid off. Your dress fit like a glove, your guests loved the food, you had a perfect day. Now what? Back to reality. You're not done yet! Your wedding photographer should be sending you your images anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after your big day and [...]

5 Fun Photo book Ideas

Photo books have become insanely popular in the last few years. It seems there are countless companies that have popped up advertising every color and style you can imagine. Thinking of creating your first photo book but unsure where to start? We have a few options and 5 fun photo book ideas to inspire you [...]

The Art of Storytelling: Children

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We are big believers in the ability of a photograph to tell a unique story. One that has never been told before and will never repeat itself again. We are starting a new series about just this: The Art of Storytelling. People often associate beautiful leather [...]

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