The Sweet Way One Couple Included Loved Ones in Their Wedding

Photo credit:The Bird and the Bear Photography via PopSugar Weddings are all about celebrating our love with the most important people in our lives. We go to great lengths to include them: giving them roles in our weddings, asking them to do readings or light candles in our ceremonies (or even perform the ceremonies for [...]

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A Beautiful Wedding Day Gift From Mother to Daughter

ABC reported this sweet story about a bride who received a beautiful letter from her mother on her wedding day. As touching as any letter from mother to daughter is, this one was especially precious as it was written 20 years ago. Sherry, a maternity nurse, met Lauren's birth mother while working at South [...]

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Imagine Hiring Your Wedding Guests

Whether small and intimate, or large and over the top, weddings are all about the love. You may be planning your wedding at home, where all 300 of your friends and family members can attend, or you may be jetsetting to an exotic locale where only your 4 besties can attend - either way - [...]

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Bride and Groom Recreate their Wedding Memories After Accident

This sweet story was just shared on Childhood sweethearts, Jeremy and Justice Stamper, were married again after Justice lost her memories of her wedding after a bad car accident last August. Justice tells, "There was all these wedding pictures all around. It was me and Jeremy and all this paperwork that said, 'Justice [...]

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Are your Instagram Photos Worth Thousands?

Most of us are on Instagram, or at least, familiar with it. The photo sharing site is a favorite amongst photographers, enthusiasts, celebrities, and those of us who really like taking photos of our food. Have you ever heard that what's shared on the internet is there forever? What exactly happens to the millions of [...]

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Memorial Day Around the Country

While commercials and store flyers would have you believe Memorial Day is about barbeques, fireworks, and the official start of pool season, let us not forget the real reason schools, banks, and government buildings are closed. For so many of us who have lost a loved one serving in the armed forces, Memorial Day is [...]

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Leonard Nimoy, the Photographer

 Photo credit: Digital Trends In sad news, Leonard Nimoy passed away last week. The most beloved alien of our time was 83-years-old. While the world affectionately knew him as Star Trek's half-human, half-vulcan Dr. Spock, he was also a very different man to some: Leonard Nimoy, the photographer. Photo credit: Leonard Nimoy / Via R. [...]

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5 Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Whether you're a fan, or not, you can't deny the power of Twitter. Who would have thought so much power could be packed into a short 140 characters? Twitter isn't only for celebrity insta-updates, though, its also a major hub for photographers' snaps and shares. News on Twitter travels fast - here are 5 Twitter [...]

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5 Stunning Submissions from the Sony World Photography Awards

Is your photography needing a little inspiration? Or perhaps you have a piece you've created that you are so proud of you want to show it off? The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards season is officially upon us and open to the public. The competition is open to all skill levels - so don't shy [...]

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Our 5 Favorite Photos of the Week

As photographers we are constantly inspired by the world around us. World events, works of art, and the people we meet, all inspire creativity and expression. In this round up we'll share with you our 5 favorite photos of the week. Japanese artist, Azuma Makoto has created one of the most visually stunning works we [...]

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