7 Reasons Gratitude Isn’t Just for Thanksgiving

This coming Thursday, families and friends across the USA will be gathered at the dinner table to give thanks and celebrate the harvest festival of the Pilgrim Fathers. It is a time of deep gratitude; we reflect on our life, our family, and our everyday blessings. Yet surely, gratitude is something we should feel more [...]

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7 Bright Color Ideas for Baby Photo Shoots

You’re planning a photo shoot for your little one, but something that stands out from the rest. Once you’ve seen one baby photo album, you’ve seen them all – so give yours an injection of color and vibrancy. Here are some ideas for incorporating color into your baby photo shoot. Tutus Who doesn’t love a [...]

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25 Quick Ways to Stay Sane During Your Engagement

You’re engaged – congratulations! You are in the middle of one of the happiest periods of your life, with an amazing (if difficult) journey ahead of you. It can be all too easy to slip into a crazed, stressed-out mindset. Before you get too far along the engagement road, here are some tips to retaining [...]

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6 Ways to Make Your Marriage Last Forever

Never arguing, having 99% of your lives in common, and even having children: these are all myths mixed in with relationship advice about how to stay happily married forever. But studies and conversations with people in marriages of 50+ years show that these things just aren’t true. So, what do they say? Communication This is [...]

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Tips for Communicating Well Through Wedding Planning

They say that one of the most stressful things you can do in life is to get married. So it’s no surprise that the time period before saying ‘yes’ and saying ‘I do’ will be a bit of a struggle between the two of you. Planning a wedding involves a lot of juggling, money saving, [...]

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5 Alternative Ideas for DIY Photo Albums

Custom DIY albums aren't just for weddings anymore! There's a zillion reasons you could create your own customized, priceless album that can showcase your memories, highlight your professional work or remind you of loved ones. Here's a couple out-of-the-box inspirations: An Epic Vacation Album Showing that giant mountain range to your friend on your cell [...]

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London Calling

  You always hear about London in books, movies, on the radio. Well, it was one of the pioneers of pop culture, whether it was films or music. There were the English Mods in the sixties, the Punks in the seventies... I mean England gave us the BEATLES for crying out loud.. They gave us [...]

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“Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it”

Edinburgh, Scotland was lovely. Picturesque in a historic way, where you walk out of the downtown mall and a castle is looming over you from a hill of volcanic rock, taking you right back to the days of Braveheart. The Scottish people were so friendly. Even though their thick accent was throwing me off, before [...]

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The adventurous travel of the mind, body and soul

Most people see travelling as an action or a verb. The physical state of movement from one place to another in length, in range, in motion. I see travel a little differently. I view it as a feeling. The feeling of attaining groundbreaking information, possessing new found knowledge, acquiring insightful wisdom that promotes personal growth... [...]

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