10 Creative Ways to Document Baby’s First Year

What better way to see your child grow than to document their first year through photos? While a baby book is a great idea, it often goes forgotten after the first few pages. Here are 10 creative ways to celebrate and remember your baby’s first year forever. Baby and toy Each month, lay your baby [...]

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18 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you want to have the perfect day with your partner. Even if you are not the most romantic, the most spontaneous, and don’t like big dates, there are plenty of ideas both fun and romantic you can surprise your loved one with. Music gig So your favorite band is [...]

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Ultimate Newlywed Checklist: What To Do After Marriage

A wedding is something that is to be cherished and remembered. After all, it’s one of the most important days you will have in your life, so you want it to be as remarkable as possible. What that also means, however, is that there is a lot of planning involved. Most people spend their time [...]

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20 Romantic Proposal Ideas

Even if you are not in the least bit into grand, over-the-top romantic gestures, a proposal is the one time you get to express to your other half just how much you mean to them. No matter how private, a proposal is a magical moment you will remember forever, and there are hundreds of great [...]

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Some DIY Ideas for Baby Photo Outfits

Aside from the usual and oh-so-adorable babies in blankets photos, there are some truly amazing and creative opportunities to take advantage of. While you can opt for a custom made outfit by your photographer, there are plenty of money saving ideas that allow you to try out your artistic side and put together an affordable [...]

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5 Different Ways to Get Married

You may think the procedure of getting hitched is pretty standard for everyone – church, guests, party – but you would be wrong. From getting hitched alone to throwing a huge party and everything in between, there are certainly no set rules when it comes to wedding ideas. If, like many, you are looking for [...]

Wedding Trends: Tech Nerds

The age of technology is upon us, and you basically can’t escape it, so why not embrace it? For tech nerds out there, this could mean a true wedding of your dreams, with technology coming out of your ears. For those not so enthusiastic, there are plenty of subtle additions you may be surprised to [...]

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8 Unusual Wedding Venue Inspirations

If you’ve decided that your venue is the top pick for your wedding splurge, then make it something memorable. Maybe going magnificent and glamorous isn’t your thing. Great, because we have some truly inspiring and quirky suggestions for you. Yurt Okay, this one is totally off the charts, as it is becoming more popular in [...]

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Pros and Cons: Should You Ask for a Honeymoon Fund?

It’s always tricky thinking about gifts when it comes to wedding planning. Now it’s 2016 and, as more and more couples are already living together pre-marriage, a lot of the gifts on the list are things you already have. If you’re in this position, it’s unlikely you want to register for gifts just for the [...]

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Where and When to Splurge on your Wedding

Most people that plan a wedding look for money saving tips for every avenue of their wedding. Weddings are becoming bigger and bigger every year, and while we of course want to have the best day we possibly can, a lot of it comes with a rather hefty price tag. However, you shouldn’t feel you [...]

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