20 Romantic Proposal Ideas

Even if you are not in the least bit into grand, over-the-top romantic gestures, a proposal is the one time you get to express to your other half just how much you mean to them. No matter how private, a proposal is a magical moment you will remember forever, and there are hundreds of great [...]

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Top 7 Wedding and Engagement Photos with Pets

Pets are our best friends for life. Just because we're getting married doesn't mean they'll be out of the picture! In fact, many couples love to have thier furry (and sometimes scaly) friends in their photo shoots as a new family. Some photographers come up with super clever ways to pose the pets and others [...]

8 Amazing Winter Engagement Photo Ideas

Winter has arrived, along with a whole host of seasonal ideas for your engagement photos. Here are a few winter engagement photo ideas for a beautiful and unusual Save the Dates, and a stunning contrast if you’re having a spring or summer wedding. From crisp colors and stark contrasts, what better time to shoot your engagement [...]

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8 Fall Engagement Session Styles We Love

Fall is officially here and we are loving every crispy minute of it! In much of the country, Fall summons in the changing of leaves into their bold Autumn coats, soft overcast daylight, and, of course, the scramble for couples to break out their coordinated scarves for engagement photos. We get it. Fall is a [...]

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10 Romantic Photos Guaranteed to Make You Swoon

Who doesn't love looking at other people's wedding photos? I see them everyday, and I still haven't tired of them. There's so much to soak in of the creativity, originality, and of course, the love. Here's a small smattering of some lovin' - 10 romantic photos guaranteed to make you swoon - to finish out [...]

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Engagement Sessions Inspired by Our Favorite Films

If you've ever daydreamed about your own romance being as epic as the ones in your favorite movies, you certainly aren't alone. Movie romances are the best. No matter the obstacles, love always wins. We can't help but be sucked into the Hollywood magic - and let's face it - we all secretly (or openly) [...]

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A Little Romance for Your Wednesday

Time seems to fly when you're having fun. We know you probably love your job, but for all of us, Wednesdays can be tough. We're lucky enough to get to look at beautiful images all day long as customers send in their beautiful album designs, but we know not everyone is as lucky as we [...]

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Jana Williams Shares Her Tips for Dressing for Your Engagement Session

If you've worked in the industry or just dabbled around on Pinterest, you've probably seen Jana Williams' work. Jana is an extremely talented wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Southern California. She's worked with some heavy hitters like Victoria's Secret and Todashi Shoji, but its her love of weddings that keeps her in the business. [...]

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11 Ideas for Unforgettable Engagement Photos

So you're engaged! Congratulations! Being engaged is a time to thoroughly enjoy your relationship and celebrate the decision to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. If only there were some way to capture this blissful feeling and cherish it forever. Your engagement photos provide the perfect precursor to the actual wedding invitations and [...]

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Allison and Juan’s Ann Arbor Engagement

I have the coziest Midwest engagement to share with you today. Allison and Juan's Ann Arbor engagement session is soft, moody, and oh-so romantic. This couple has quite a bit going them: Together for 4 years, transcontinental, and the parents definitely approve. Allison, the sweet (and gorgeous) bride-to-be, shares some advice she's learned along the [...]

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