Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall is undeniably a beautiful season, and can add natural color and glamour to your wedding at no extra effort. At Fizara, we love a fall wedding, and have compiled some top ideas for those of you lucky enough to be getting hitched at this time of year. Fall color palettes Complement your nature backdrop [...]

How to Throw a Killer Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Weddings are a long and jam-packed weekend celebration for everyone involved. From wedding prep and bridal parties to the day itself and its extremely hung-over remains, it can be a big commitment to guests. Here’s how to kick-start your celebrations and make sure they enjoy every minute. Cool invitations Start as you mean to go [...]

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7 Ways to Say Thank You after Your Wedding

It takes a special bunch of people to help a wedding come together, and sometimes you want to go that extra mile to find a unique and creative way to say thank you. Whether it’s your bridal party’s endless patience and sense of fun, your parents always lending you their ear, or your uncle stepping [...]

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Getting Along With Wedding Planning ‘Helpers’

Unless you’re in the lucky minority, it is highly likely you will have to deal – and get along – with some of the least helpful wedding planner helpers you can imagine. Not only do you have your own mother to contend with, now someone else’s? Stereotypical as it may be, interfering mother-in-laws, difficult mothers, [...]

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Wedding Trends: Natural Vibes

Nature is totally in right now; whether you’re having an outdoors wedding, or want to bring the outdoors to your indoors wedding, brides everywhere are going mad for a more ‘back to basics’ look on their big day. If you want berries in your hair and foliage in your favors, now is the time to [...]

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Pros and Cons: Big Engagement Proposals or Intimate Affairs?

 It’s the moment you build up to for weeks and months: how to propose. Male or female, it’s likely that you will have thought about how to go about this minefield of a question. Big or intimate? Flashy or modest? If you’re fretting about how to pop the question, take a minute to look through [...]

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5 Different Ways to Get Married

You may think the procedure of getting hitched is pretty standard for everyone – church, guests, party – but you would be wrong. From getting hitched alone to throwing a huge party and everything in between, there are certainly no set rules when it comes to wedding ideas. If, like many, you are looking for [...]

11 Ways to DIY Your Wedding

If the cost of your big day is beginning to skyrocket, there are ways and means of implementing handy and easy money saving ideas. There are hundreds of bridal websites that provide some amazing wedding hacks for the everyday bride, and we have trawled through and picked out the best ones for you. Favors With [...]

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Wedding Trends: Tech Nerds

The age of technology is upon us, and you basically can’t escape it, so why not embrace it? For tech nerds out there, this could mean a true wedding of your dreams, with technology coming out of your ears. For those not so enthusiastic, there are plenty of subtle additions you may be surprised to [...]

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Tips on Staying Healthy as a Couple

Among the various elements of wedding planning, rarely do you think about the impact the lead up to the big day can have on your mind and body. Of course, everyone wants to look good on the wedding day, which usually means dieting and slimming down, but couples should take care to ensure they are [...]

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