Top Wedding Planning Tips for Getting Your Groom Involved

So, the ring was purchased and the proposal went off without a hitch. The groom-to-be's job is done, right? Not really. Many brides love wedding planning but there are those who love to share in all of the organizational fun with their partners. I found this great article over on Colin Cowie Weddings, Planning the [...]

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Merrill Lynch on the Cost of Destination Weddings

I stumbled on this article by Merrill Lynch on the cost of destination weddings and thought it was a great little explanation of some of the pros and cons of a planning a wedding away from home. The article, "You're Getting Married WHERE?" presents some of the benefits and challenges of planning a destination wedding [...]

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7 Ultra-Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

Chapels aren't the only places for weddings anymore. More and more couples are looking at each aspect of their nuptials as a unique expression of their personalities. Never before has wedding planning been so fun! Here are 7 ultra-unique wedding venue ideas. At the zoo Have you ever dreamed of getting married on in the [...]

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Wedding Planning and Footing the Bill

So you're engaged. Congrats! You've joined the club. You've got the ring, the parents' permission, and are officially using any excuse to refer to your partner as "fiance," in your best French accent. So what's next? Now, lovebirds, begins the daunting (but amazing) journey that is wedding planning. Flowers, dresses, the whole nine yards. Before [...]

Fizara Has a Brand New Look

You've probably noticed by now, Fizara has a brand new look! We've dubbed 2015 as "The Year of Moving Forward," and what better way to start off the new year, than with a new look! Our services, options, and pricing all remain the same; we are committed to offering the best service and products you [...]

7 Beautifully Unique Destination Wedding Locations

Your wedding, no matter where it takes place, is one of the most amazing, beautiful days of your life. Whether you choose to wed barefoot on a beach, traditionally in a church or host an artsy ceremony in your own backyard, marrying your best friend and soulmate is no casual feat. Still though, there's no [...]

Top Travel Tips for Photographers

Planning on taking a vacation? Do the warm, sandy beaches of South America call your name? Or maybe you're aching to pound the streets of Berlin and backpack your way through Europe. If you're reading this, you're obviously already planning to photograph your way around. There are some simple precautions to take to keep your [...]

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6 Design Ideas To Keep In Mind When Creating A Timeless Wedding Album

A wedding album is a family heirloom that is passed down through the generations. Creating an album with a timeless look will help ensure it stays a cherished piece of your family history as the years pass by. There are a few design tips you can follow when designing your wedding album that will give [...]

11 Unique Wedding Ceremony Exit Ideas

Walking down the aisle is no doubt one of the bride's favorite parts of any wedding, but increasingly, brides and grooms are spending more time and effort deciding how to leave the ceremony once they become Mr. and Mrs. In olden days, the most popular exit ceremony traditions were the tossing of rice or birdseed. [...]

10 Steps to Planning a Memorable Beach Wedding

If you have always dreamed of a beach wedding, there are several great ideas for ways to make your big day extra special. With nature's perfect setting and a few simple ideas, your wedding is sure to be a memorable experience for both you and your guests. Here are ten beach wedding ideas to help [...]

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