Wedding Abroad? 3 Things Your Guests Need to Know

If you are planning a wedding abroad, you are in for a bit of extra planning, and a bit of extra informing. But, the extra work will be worth it when you are looking at wedding albums of your nuptials. Before you pack your suitcases, here are three things that you should tell your guests [...]

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How to Throw a Killer Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Weddings are a long and jam-packed weekend celebration for everyone involved. From wedding prep and bridal parties to the day itself and its extremely hung-over remains, it can be a big commitment to guests. Here’s how to kick-start your celebrations and make sure they enjoy every minute. Cool invitations Start as you mean to go [...]

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5 Different Ways to Get Married

You may think the procedure of getting hitched is pretty standard for everyone – church, guests, party – but you would be wrong. From getting hitched alone to throwing a huge party and everything in between, there are certainly no set rules when it comes to wedding ideas. If, like many, you are looking for [...]

Tips on Staying Healthy as a Couple

Among the various elements of wedding planning, rarely do you think about the impact the lead up to the big day can have on your mind and body. Of course, everyone wants to look good on the wedding day, which usually means dieting and slimming down, but couples should take care to ensure they are [...]

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Top 5 Fun Milestones in Wedding Planning

Among the many ups and downs involved in wedding planning come some very meaningful milestones. Milestones that make you go “wow, this is real!”, milestones that make you sigh in relief, and milestones that are just pure fun. Here are some of the best bits in your wedding planning checklist. Booking the venue This is [...]

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5 Tips on Recovering from Wedding Planning Disasters

Who would have thought that planning a wedding would be far from a walk in the park? Well, pretty much everyone knows that. Disaster abounds, but nobody tells you what to do when your plans fall through or people turn out to be not so reliable. As stressful as a wedding already is, unforeseen problems [...]

Honeymoon Destination: The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Let go of all worries and take a ride through Italy's iconic southern coast. While many envision vacations to Rome or Milan when heading to Italy, the Amalfi Coast and surrounding hotspots is where the true heart of this beautiful country lies. There are a dozen or so small villages along the coast and up in [...]

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A Guide to Communicating with Your Wedding Photographer

Besides the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, your bond with the wedding photographer might be the second most important aspect of your wedding. Many brides and grooms say the entire day is a whirlwind and they often look forward to seeing all the great professional shots taken afterwards. However, [...]

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Clever Tips for Celebrating an “Unplugged” Wedding

The band strikes the first chord. Everyone is holding their breath. Bridal parties slowly make their way down the aisles while the groom nervously awaits at the front. At last, the bride comes toward the crowd as the couples' friends and family smile with tears in their eyes for this incredibly special day. And then, [...]

5 Ways to Make your Wedding Day Wallet-Friendly

Time saving tips for weddings are important, but what's even better than that? Saving money! Many couples are working on starting their lives together and look for ways to cut corners, but not sacrifice too much on their wedding day. Here's a few useful guidelines to get your wedding plan on the right track: Think [...]

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