Get Creative With Masks and Vignettes in Your DIY Photo Album

The Fizara Album Designer offers several different design tools to add a personal touch to your custom photo albums. For example, you can quickly add a mask or vignette to some of your photos to give them a fun, creative look. Using the preset mask options inside Fizara Album Designer provides you with a wide [...]

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How to Create Your Very Own Foodie Photo Book

So you want to build a photo book of yummies? If there is one thing we're obsessed with across the board, it’s food. Some of us can cook it; some of us can’t. But the vast majority of us love to eat it, and since we have taste buds, we love to look at it too! [...]

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6 Quick Tips for Your Perfect Wedding Album

Months of wedding planning have paid off. Your dress fit like a glove, your guests loved the food, you had a perfect day. Now what? Back to reality. You're not done yet! Your wedding photographer should be sending you your images anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after your big day and [...]

5 Fun Photo book Ideas

Photo books have become insanely popular in the last few years. It seems there are countless companies that have popped up advertising every color and style you can imagine. Thinking of creating your first photo book but unsure where to start? We have a few options and 5 fun photo book ideas to inspire you [...]

Choosing the Cover for Your DIY Photo Album: A Little Inspiration

Designing your own photo album, much like re-designing a room in your home, can be at once very exciting and laden with tough decisions. One of the most difficult decisions is the choice of what type of album cover will surround your photo collection, as this will be the first thing your guests see. Design [...]

6 Tips for Creating Family Photo Albums

So you're ready to put together a family photo album. Now what? Which images should you absolutely have in your album and which others can be left out? We know a lot of people put off their albums - you're not alone! But getting organized is the first and most important step in getting that [...]

6 Ideas to Enhance Your DIY Photo Book With Text Overlays 

Overlays are a great way to spice up your DIY photo book. Not only do they add fun design elements to your book layout, but they are also pretty easy to add! Read on as we explore six possible ways you can use text overlays to create a unique and stylish photo book. 1. Give your [...]

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What You Can Learn about Design Layout from the Bestselling Photo Book Humans of New York

Brandon Stanton has become a household name following the huge success of his highly popular and unique blog, Humans of New York, blending stunning photography with heartfelt stories behind the subjects of his photos. One of the results of his seemingly overnight online success is a Bestselling 304-page photographic compilation by the same name, Humans of New [...]

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Sharing Wedding Photos After the Big Day

The fun doesn’t end after the wedding! One of the most exciting post-wedding events is receiving your gallery of images from your photographer. Most professional photographers now offer the option of purchasing all edited images in digital form instead of the traditional cost of purchasing prints. This is great for clients because it tends to [...]

5 Photo Album Design Inspirations

If you haven’t crossed ‘Make Photo Albums’ off your to-do list yet, here are 5 photo album design inspirations to get your creative juices flowing! One of the fun parts of making a collection of albums is designing your photo books to fit the theme of the photos you want to preserve. With such a big [...]

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