Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall is undeniably a beautiful season, and can add natural color and glamour to your wedding at no extra effort. At Fizara, we love a fall wedding, and have compiled some top ideas for those of you lucky enough to be getting hitched at this time of year. Fall color palettes Complement your nature backdrop [...]

10 Design Tips for a Flawless Wedding Album

After your big day has passed, your mood is sky-high, and your wedding photography impeccable, it’s now time to create your flawless wedding album. Where to begin? How much time do you have? Let’s get started on some top album tips for your wedding photography. Tell a story You don’t want your photos haphazard and [...]

Steps for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cuisine

One of the key moments guests look forward to at a wedding is, of course, being fed. With old and young, vegetarian and meat-eaters, fulfilling everybody’s tastes at a wedding is a tall order. Not to mention, you want something that in some way suits the two of you and is in keeping to your [...]

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Wedding Trends: Natural Vibes

Nature is totally in right now; whether you’re having an outdoors wedding, or want to bring the outdoors to your indoors wedding, brides everywhere are going mad for a more ‘back to basics’ look on their big day. If you want berries in your hair and foliage in your favors, now is the time to [...]

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Where and When to Splurge on your Wedding

Most people that plan a wedding look for money saving tips for every avenue of their wedding. Weddings are becoming bigger and bigger every year, and while we of course want to have the best day we possibly can, a lot of it comes with a rather hefty price tag. However, you shouldn’t feel you [...]

Big & Small Gift Ideas for Engaged Couples

When you are engaged, it is a time to celebrate, but often time is focused on wedding planning, and a lot of the romance and celebration ekes away, especially with a long engagement. Make sure you bring it back to what it is – the two of you commemorating your love. Here are some gifts [...]

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Unusual Wedding Photo Ideas

Photos are one of the best ways of remembering your big day; something you and your future family can look back on and cherish. If you’re looking for something extra special for your wedding photography, why not spice it up and have some fun with these tips and poses for some truly unique wedding pictures [...]

5 Alternative Ideas for DIY Photo Albums

Custom DIY albums aren't just for weddings anymore! There's a zillion reasons you could create your own customized, priceless album that can showcase your memories, highlight your professional work or remind you of loved ones. Here's a couple out-of-the-box inspirations: An Epic Vacation Album Showing that giant mountain range to your friend on your cell [...]

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Top 7 Wedding and Engagement Photos with Pets

Pets are our best friends for life. Just because we're getting married doesn't mean they'll be out of the picture! In fact, many couples love to have thier furry (and sometimes scaly) friends in their photo shoots as a new family. Some photographers come up with super clever ways to pose the pets and others [...]

10 Album Design Tips from the Knot

To engaged couples, the Knot quickly becomes a one-stop shop for all things wedding: tips, vendor info, and budgeting tools, to name a few. I found this great article from the Knot experts sharing some of their top tips for designing your own album that they collected from Ira Lippke of Ira Lippke Studios. These [...]

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