You’re getting married, which is a party in itself, but there’s something to be said for celebrating your big move with just the ladies, which is why bridal showers have never gone out of style. Speaking of style, gone are the days of just having slices of cake and opening gifts. Bridal showers are all the more memorable with a cohesive, well thought-out theme, so we’ve rounded up a selection of our standout favorites here to help you start planning!

1. Sand, Surf and Special Ladies

8 Bridal Shower Themes for a Stylish CelebrationPhoto credit: Paula Biggs

The idea of a bridal shower is celebration, all the way, but even in the midst of thanking all your friends for their gifts and time, sneaking in a little fun is a sure winner. If you can, hit the beach and soak up a little sun so you all look radiant on the wedding day. Even if the closest beach is too far, spice up your party with flip flop favors, beach themed table settings and any other tropical addition you can think of!

2. Mimosa Madness

Cool Bridal Shower ThemesPhoto credit: Seriously Sabrina Photography

If you do decide to make your shower a trip to the beach, it’s the perfect place to turn your party into a full-on mimosa brunch. Mimosas and beach time are both extremely relaxing, and what more does a bride need before she says “I do?” The best thing about mimosas is that they go so well with anything, anywhere. Set up camp at the beach, host an elegant mimosa brunch or invite the ladies to your house for afternoon drinks with goodies. Just don’t forget to sweeten the deal for non-drinkers, and provide an alternate beverage with just as much punch.

3. Saturday at the Spa

Cool Bridal Shower ThemesPhoto credit: Esther Sun Photography

While you’re still thinking of lounging around for your special day, consider hosting your shower with the goal of relaxing everyone involved. There aren’t many women who don’t enjoy a nice massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and the like, so chances are pretty high a spa-themed shower is sure to be a success. Whether you decide to road trip to an established relaxation center, host a weekend retreat or have a spa specialist come to your home, treating your girls to a day of pampering is the perfect way to relieve any stress leading up to your walk down the aisle.

4. Tasty Summer Treats

Cool Bridal Shower ThemesPhoto credit: Amy Moss

Regardless of where you host your bridal shower, it’s a good idea to bring along some goodies, and around this time of year, there aren’t many yummies more popular than ice cream and other cool treats. One easy, self-serve way to make every guest happy is a make-it-yourself ice cream bar.

If you’re aiming for more elegance, these ideas are perfect for a classy, upscale bridal affair.

5. Celebrate With Chanel

Cool Bridal Shower ThemesPhoto credit: Jasmine Star Photography

Chanel bridal showers have been trending for some time, and it’s easy to see why. What says “here’s the bride” more than pink, black and white everywhere? From perfume bottle centerpieces to lady-like bubbly, bringing Chanel into the mix makes celebrating with style a breeze.

6. Toast to Trinkets

Cool Bridal Shower ThemesPhoto credit: Amy Rizzuto Photography

When it comes to elegance in the bridal world, Tiffany & Co is an easy choice. Ladies the world-wide wait lifetimes to see that tiny turquoise box, and now that it’s your turn to show off that rock, why not pair it with all the turquoise boxes your heart desires? Box favors in the familiar color, use Tiffany bags as vases (as above) invite Audrey to the party, whatever makes you feel as fabulous as Tiffany & Co. makes you look.

7. Parisian Party

Cool Bridal Shower ThemesPhoto credit: Jasmine Star Photography

Paris is the city of love, so take your celebration of love to where it feels most at home. Not only is Paris known worldwide for encouraging the union of souls, it’s also an incredibly popular theme for bridal showers. Celebrate Parisian style by grabbing some simple accessories, like the metal Eiffel Tower above, roses, postcards, perfumes, and other romantic, girly stuff, and watch your own living room turn into a temporary café!

8. Tea Time

Cool Bridal Shower ThemesPhoto credit: Jennifer Dery Photography

If you’re feeling the European vibe but not quite into making everything about Paris, try trading out sodas and punch for the talk of every town across the Atlantic, tea! Lots of little girls spend many hours drinking “tea” with their fluffy friends, and there’s no reason you can’t capture the same magic at your very grown up bridal shower. Make the occasion even more special by including old dishes from generations back, and offer a selection of unique and exotic teas.

With the right people, a party is a party, regardless of decor, but using a theme in your bridal shower is a simple way to set the atmosphere so that your celebration is one to remember!