When you are engaged, it is a time to celebrate, but often time is focused on wedding planning, and a lot of the romance and celebration ekes away, especially with a long engagement. Make sure you bring it back to what it is – the two of you commemorating your love. Here are some gifts ideas for keeping the romance in the run up to the big day.

Keepsakes for milestones

When you get around the 6-month mark, things start to get a little stressful. Focus on the positive and exciting event coming up with a milestone marker; there are hundreds of ‘# days to go’ mementos to choose from. Cheap, cheerful, and a great mood-lifter.

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Yes, coupons! They’re not just a once-performed gift you gave to your mom on mother’s day – you can use them to inject some romance into your relationship. Simple things like doing the dishes can be included along with more romantic gestures like giving a massage or cooking dinner. A great money-saving as well as thoughtful gift.

Theme night

Indulge each other in your shared hobbies. This can be as simple as a Sunday hike, a games night, or an arty day of gallery visits and painting at home. If the two of you love films, pick out your favorites and chill out one night. Simple, money-saving, and very fun.

Love map

If you’re a pair of travelers, mark your journeys with a touch of romance. These can be hand-made or custom made online; you can have various parts of the world framed in map style, denoting where you met, where you have travelled, where you got engaged…anything you like. The best bit is you can keep adding to this in years to come.

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Wedding planner

This is more of a gift for the ladies, but one that will be much-appreciated. Splash out a little on a cute and extensive wedding planner, including spaces for vendors, guest list, ideas, music, to-do lists, and everything you can think of. If it scores for being practical and looking pretty, it will definitely go down well.

Engraved jewelry/cufflinks

Maybe you haven’t got a ‘something new’ for your wedding, or you just want to make your other half feel special. Engraved jewelry or cufflinks are a really personal touch if you are looking to splash out. A simple bangle or plain cufflinks with initials and dates on are sweet and simple.

Mr. and Mrs. Novelty gifts

Have a little fun and peruse the novelty aisle for some unique and adorable gifts. Matching robes, coffee mugs, bath slippers; these cute presents will remind you every day of your wedding and put a smile on your face.

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Surprise date night

Every now and then, your other half – or maybe both of you – will be stressed out beyond recognition. It happens. Surprising them with a romantic date night is a great way to uplift them and put the focus back on your relationship. You can choose a simple movie night, or an indulgent dinner at a classy restaurant and everything in between.

Pamper Set

There is nothing a girl likes more than to be pampered (maybe Ryan Gosling), so indulge them in a pamper set. If you’re a bit clueless, you can pick one up from a beauty shop, or if you’re feeling particularly brave, make your own! This can also apply for men – treat your guy to some lush aftershave, massage oil, shower gel…and maybe something you can both enjoy.

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