Those first 12 months of your baby’s life are some of the most precious, and seem to fly by in an instant. All you want to do is snap away to keep the memories of your little one forever. Here’s a roundup of some of the best baby milestones for your photo album.


Newborn photos are an absolute must. Of all the phases your baby will go through, this is possibly the shortest – never again will they be so small and foldable! Babies hanging in blankets, sleeping in a basket, nestled amongst toys, cuddled in the palm of your hands…there is no end to the gorgeous images you can capture.


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First smiles

While your baby has the physical capabilities to smile from the moment they are born, a true smile of joy will occur between 6 and 12 weeks. It is possibly one of the greatest first milestones you will experience together.

becca-blackburnPhoto credit: Becca Blackburn Photography

Six month mark

Around six months is when your baby’s appearance and personality will really start to shine. There will also be a vast array of differences in every baby at this age; from motor skills, coordination, hair growth, facial expressions, and size. Looking back on photos, you will start to see the first signs of your baby’s character at this point.

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First steps

Proud parent moment! The first steps are a great opportunity to capture yourself on camera with your little one as they are learning to walk. Your faces will be beaming with pride and your little one will be brimming with excitement at their new accomplishment.

amy-p-photogrpahyPhoto credit: Amy P Photography

First Haircut

A first haircut could be anywhere from within the first six months to the first few years. While some babies have but a few wisps until they are toddlers, some are born with a full head of hair. First haircut photos are tons of fun, even if your baby is less than thrilled at the process. Capture some before and after shots to complete this section of your album.



Photo credit: Lady Lundlady-lund

One year

The last milestone of the baby years. How did that happen so quickly? It’s time for a celebration, so crack out the balloons, cake, party outfits, and commemorate your baby’s first full year and the beginning of their toddler-hood. Onto the next chapter…

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