Most of us are on Instagram, or at least, familiar with it. The photo sharing site is a favorite amongst photographers, enthusiasts, celebrities, and those of us who really like taking photos of our food. Have you ever heard that what’s shared on the internet is there forever? What exactly happens to the millions of photos that are shared on Instagram and then forgotten about? One artist is making money off of them.

You may have heard about this story. Photographer, Richard Prince, has used several Instagram photos, of which he does not know the original owner of, blown them up, and displayed them in the Frieze Art Fair in New York. According to the CNN article, they sold for approximately $90,000 each. Prince was sued, lost, and then appealed the decision. The court ruled in his favor.

Photo credit: Richard Prince

The installation, New Portraits, has been met with a lot of criticism. How did Prince do this legally? Head to the CNN article for the whole story and some of the Instagram users’ mixed responses.

How do you feel about this? Are your Instagram photos worth thousands?