It’s fall! The leaves are turning, the air is crisp and every bakery and café in town is offering pumpkin-spiced goodies. At least, that’s how most people not planning a fall wedding see the season.

For those in the throes of wedding planning, September, October and November mean cheaper venues, better guest availability and gorgeous fall colors. Read on for more advantages of having a fall weddings!

It’s cheaper!
The autumn months, though the weather is often still gorgeous, can mean a savings on many of your big wedding bookings, from venue to photographer. It’s the off-season, so venues offer discounts to help sell bookings. Same with some wedding photographers, coordinators and other vendors. Besides the discounts, you’re less likely to have to work around vacation schedules, and airplane fare will be lower for guests who have to travel to your fall wedding.

Koi Orange Fall Wedding Color Trend Ideas

Koi Orange Inspired Fall Wedding Color Ideas

Those colors!
Earthy colors are perfect palettes for a fall wedding. Tulle and Chantilly has put together some gorgeous fall inspiration boards using Pantone’s 2013 prediction colors. Think burnt orange and cream or coffee and gold. But just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to stick to fall foliage colors. Think rich jewel tones like aubergine, plum, navy or emerald with a softer contrasting color like cream or blush, The Knot suggests. Or if you prefer bright, bold colors, pick one and balance it with a dark color, like fuchsia and slate.

Linden Green 2013 Autumn Fall Wedding Color Ideas

Green Autumn Fall Wedding Color Ideas

Those flowers!
Bridal Guide has a month-by-month guide to flowers that are in season. Love calla lilies? You’re in luck! Dahlias? Hydrangeas? Also in season! Dahlias are popular flowers for fall weddings because they come in those classic earthy, fall-foliage colors. Antique hydrangeas are perfect if you’re going for an Old World feel. Check out The Knot’s article on fall floral trends and Martha Stewart Weddings for a fall bridal bouquet slideshow.

The fun!
If you are one for themes, having a fall wedding is certainly is a fun season to put together a display of rich colors. Imagine a tray of caramel apples greeting your guests when they arrive. Centerpieces of squash and berries. A maple cake. Pumpkin-spiced lattes (c’mon, everyone likes them, even if they won’t admit it!). Linen and burlap. Throw blankets and warm candlelight.

dark purple acai fall wedding color ideas

Acai Dark Purple Fall Wedding Color Ideas

But “autumn” isn’t necessarily a uniform theme. You can go rustic with burlap, gingham, and fruit and berries on the tables. Go Thanksgiving, with squash centerpieces or pumpkin soup. Go farm themed with hay bales and buckets of wildflowers. Or camping, with pinecone décor, hot chocolate and candlelight. For more ideas, check out more fall wedding ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings and Bridal Guide.

Add some spice: More fall wedding ideas and inspiration

  • Style Me Pretty lists 10 fall wedding must-haves. Even if you’re not going all out with a fall wedding theme, adding a few small touches like linen napkins and a fire pit are sure to spice things up.
  • The Knot lists 10 fall wedding favor ideas, ranging from fresh candied pecans to mini bottles of maple syrup.
  • Sweet Violet Bride has a compilation of fall wedding cakes, which range from the autumn-leaves-covered confection to a “naked” (no frosting) cake with figs to an elegant gold-frosted cake with simple berries on to.
  • Rustic Wedding Chic has lots of fun suggestions for incorporating everyone’s favorite fall fruit and vegetable, apples and pumpkins, into your fall wedding.
  • Huffington Post has a collection of fall wedding centerpieces
  • Lastly, check out Martha Stewart’s post, Good Things for Fall Weddings for 39 ideas for a fall wedding, ranging from rustic to elegant to modern.

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