Making an amazing photo album that your family and friends will cherish takes a little more work than just piling some of your favorite photos into a book in any random order. But, that doesn’t mean creating a professional looking photo album is hard. The Fizara Album Designer can actually make the process easy and enjoyable. Here are a few ways you can utilize the designer to add elements of design and style to your album, giving it a look of timelessness.

1. Establish A Style

Think about the overall theme of the photos that are going into the album to help you decide on a specific style that adequately reflects the subject matter of your photographs. For example, if you are working on a wedding album, chances are you are going to want a more traditional, if not understated style, whereas a photo album of your adventurous toddler might call for a more festive, colorful style. Young couples may choose a more trendy, bohemian style and jet-setters may choose to go with a very minimalistic style to fully showcase all their travel photos.

Add style to your custom photo album

2. Once You’ve Chosen Your Style, Stick With It

Now that you’ve chosen a style, the most important thing when creating a photo album is consistency of style. Albums with consistent design styles are easier to read and will keep viewers more engaged than a book that is a mash-up of design styles. So, whatever your style is, stick with it from cover to cover. Cohesiveness is key!

DIY Photo Album Style

3. Think Big

Do you have a jaw dropping photo that just stands out from all the others and aren’t really sure how to add it to the album and see to it that it gets all the attention it deserves? Highlight it as the centerpiece of your album by making a nice two-page spread of it. Print the image all the way to the edges of the paper so the viewer sees nothing but your gorgeous photo. The two-page spread primarily works best with landscape oriented photos, but portrait oriented photos can still benefit from a single page, borderless spread, too. Try putting a simple grid of similar photos on the opposite page using 4 or 6 images. Use a simple, narrow border around the grid photos to complement the simplicity of the full page spread. To really focus the attention on a portrait, you can also leave the opposite page blank white or black for a sleek, contemporary look.

How to Add Style to Your Custom Photo Album - Photo by Jessica Drossin

4. Bring In The Font

Typography is an excellent design tool we can utilize when creating a photo album. There are a number of inventive ways you can put it to work for you, giving your album a unique and personalized style. If your photo book is of your young children, turn it into a book of ABC’s by assigning each page a letter of the alphabet and matching it with a photo of your child doing something or holding something that corresponds with the letter. Include a single descriptive word on the pages to create a book that will also help your children learn to read. So, for the letter A, you could show a picture of your daughter or son bobbing for apples and use a text overlay in Fizara album designer to place the word “Apple” on the page with the photo. Place emphasis on the “A” by making it a different color or using a larger font.

Get creative with beautiful fonts

5. Mix Your Medias

Adding simple graphic designs can compliment a photo album in all the positive ways adding a font to it can. If you are designing a wedding album, upload a detailed copy of your wedding invitation and give it it’s own page in the book. Or, perhaps you have a perfect background pattern to use behind one of your images; simply import it into the Fizara Album Designer and drop it onto the page. Additionally, if you want to get really creative with it, you may also want to add a shape or illustration to overlay onto one of your photos. An example might be overlaying a copy of your infant’s footprint onto one of his baby photos. One thing to keep in mind when mixing up graphics and images is to make sure to choose graphics that serve as an accessory and do not overpower the photos themselves.

Add overlay graphics for a fun effect.  Overlays via Lil Blue Boo.

Sometimes all it takes to get started is a little inspiration. Do your homework and check out the handy work of other album designers online and in your personal life, looking for design and style elements that stick out to you–the possibilities are endless. Be sure to grab your free copy of the Fizara Album Designer and get started while all these ideas are still fresh in your mind!


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