There really isn’t anything that grows faster than a baby. You blink and your precious newborn is suddenly a bouncing, crawling, drooling baby. Turn around again, and she’s getting on the school bus for the first time. We know how important it is to capture moments; we’ve joined the hunt to find a way to freeze time; and we know just how badly you want, as parents, to hold onto a moment and freeze it in time. Photographs help us to accomplish this to some degree. We can’t emphasize the importance of getting your images off of your computer and into albums, canvases, or prints. Taking the photos is the easy part; it’s getting them into tangible form that takes a little more planning. Our software makes it easy to create beautiful albums and photo books with all of your amazing images. Create a photo book of monthly milestones you’ve probably already been documenting along the way.

Photo credit: X Sight Photography Video

Create a book chronicling your pregnancy

Those cute bump selfies you took monthly – or even weekly – would make an adorable photo book to show your baby when she grows up. It’s also a great gift to give yourself. You body goes through an amazing transformation during those quick 9 months and, in an instant, you go from those 2 pink lines on a pregnancy test to a teeny brand new babe. Ell Vee Photography captured the cutest series of this pregnancy; from the littlest bump all the way to brand new baby!

Photo credit: Ell Vee Photography

Create a month-by-month book of your little’s first year

We’ve all seen those month-by-month shots of babies from birth to the 1-year mark. You can buy stickers, onesies, and all sorts of fun props that document each passing month. In addition to emailing, posting, and texting these cute images to your loved ones, why not make an actual book of this amazing first year. We LOVE this series by Tonya Teran Photography! Not only does she document each passing month with a new photo of this cutie, but she also adds height, weight, and all of the little things he’s doing. These images would make an amazing album and you’d have an entire little journal of all your little one’s milestones, too!

A-photobook-of-monthly-milestones1Photo credit: Tonya Teran Photography

Some quick tips for taking month-by-month photos

Use something consistent to create cohesion among all your images. A plain white backdrop, or the same white onesie, in each photo, will help tie all of your images together. Try taking them in the same location each month. Window light is the best for indoor photos and it won’t affect your images if the weather changes throughout the year.

Use a prop to mark the passing of time. Hold up a little chalkboard next to your bump and write how many weeks or months pregnant you are for each photo. Use month stickers on your baby’s onesie that show how old he is or sit him next to 5 apples if he is 5 months old. Increase an apple each month.

Use a prop to show how much your little one has grown. Place a favorite stuffed animal next to baby in all of the photos to show just how much he’s grown.

Get creative and have fun! Life starts to speed up with babies; you don’t want to miss a thing.

Are you documenting anything right now?