I love photography projects. A picture a day, theme photos, photo walks, you name it, and myself, or someone here at Fizara has probably done it – and if not – can’t wait to. Engagements, weddings, and beautiful newborn photos are what we see the most of, but in between all of those big life events are the everyday moments that, well, make up life. If you ask me, those deserve their spot in your album, or perhaps an album all their own. If you’re looking for a fun photography project, or perhaps, a fresh outlook, this post is for you. Here are 8 ways to capture everyday moments.

1. Think about the everyday in a new way

We get so into our everyday lives that our routines become almost robotic. Pick up the kids, make dinner, clean up the house, get everyone to bed, sleep. Wake up and repeat. Forever. These activities of daily living may seem mundane and monotonous, but they make up so much of our lives. We take so many things for granted. When the kids grow up, when we move for that great promotion, we remember the little things.

8-Ways-to-Capture-Everyday-Moments10Photo credit: Ariel Renae Photography

2. Take your camera with you

So often we only think to take out our cameras to celebrate birthdays, first days of school, and holidays with family. What about all those great moments in between? Take your camera with you for one full day. You’ll be amazed at how many great photo ops are buried in an average Wednesday. Take it with you when you get the kids up in the morning, to the bus stop, to dance class – you’ll get some priceless pics!

Photo credit: Brittany Carress

3. Get down on their level

Change your angle and gain a whole new perspective. If you have kids, get down on their level. Get in on the action when they play and snap a few photos to see what the world looks like through their eyes. We’re guessing it all looks big, bright, and beautiful.

4. Document your daily activities

Are you constantly running late to school because your 15-year-old meticulously straightens her hair? Is your husband goofing around when he should be getting the kids ready for bed? These moments, though slightly frustrating in the now – will make for funny stories and cherished memories once the kids are off to college and you’re reminiscing over the simpler times. Get some images now and catalog these priceless family moments. You’ll be glad you did.

Photo credit: The Shalom Imaginative

5. Get all the emotions

The 3pm temper tantrum is photography gold, believe it or not. Photojournalism is refreshing and respected in that it’s real. It isn’t manipulated, set up in advance, or pieced together in any way and keeping this in mind when shooting your own photos will have you appreciating that candid, raw emotion, and the beautiful chaos you live in.

6. Be a fly on the wall

Documenting candid moments is easiest when no one knows you’re taking them. Know when to step back and let life happen around you. The most authentic and real moments can happen when we least expect them.

8-ways-to-capture-everyday-moments6Photo credit: Jill Thomas Photography

7. Be a part of the everyday moments

Just as important as it is to step back in silence, remember you’re an integral part of your own everyday moments. Set your camera settings in advance for whatever scene you might be in and then set the camera aside. Interact with the kids and friends as you normally would and then quickly snap a pic. Photography can be a solitary experience – you alone looking through the back of your camera watching the world interact around you, looking for that perfect moment. But to everyone else, you’re kinda the guy with the giant lens pointed at them. Don’t forget to interact and then take moments here and there to step back, compose, and shoot.

8-ways-to-capture-everyday-moments7Photo credit: Ali Harper Photography

8. Know when to set the camera down

Life will go on with or without you. Yes, capturing moments – big and small –  is important. But so is living them. As photographers, we want to preserve every, single detail, but it’s important to remember that you are a part of these. An integral part. And living in these moments, now, is just as memorable as preserving it for later.

8-ways-to-capture-everyday-moments8Photo credit: Tyler Brand Photo

Is there a photo project you’d like to start? Instead of waiting for those big moments in life, try documenting an typical day. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how many interesting and photographic moments make up your everyday.