If you’ve decided that your venue is the top pick for your wedding splurge, then make it something memorable. Maybe going magnificent and glamorous isn’t your thing. Great, because we have some truly inspiring and quirky suggestions for you.


Okay, this one is totally off the charts, as it is becoming more popular in recent years, but for aesthetic value alone, it is pretty unusual. A yurt wedding combines indoor and outdoor, so if you are nature lovers, this is a great choice. Instead of booking hotel rooms, they stay right on the property, in their own individual yurts.

nikki kirk yurt Photo credit: Nikki Kirk Photography


Yes, believe it or not, there are windmills for whom a large part of their business comes from weddings. It’s not hard to see why; with stunning landscapes and a beautiful building, you will definitely have some memorable wedding photography.

chris taylorPhoto credit: Chris Taylor Photography


If you were envious of Jim and Pam’s wedding from The Office and you want your venue to have an injection of romance, a waterfall is a stunning option. You may need to remind guests about a spare pair of shoes though!

cariad waterfall wedding

Photo credit: Cariad Photography


Yosemite mountain range sees hundreds of weddings every year, and mountains make for a beautiful choice in wedding venue. A mountain wedding can take a little extra wedding planning of course; think about transport and weather conditions if you are thinking about this option.

wasio photogrpahy

Photo credit: Wasio Photography

Circus tent

Maybe the two of you share a love of performing arts, or maybe you are looking for something that you really haven’t seen yet. A circus tent is as unusual as they come. Are you stopping at the tent, or will you incorporate circus themes in the décor too? There are many places you can go with this choice.

intimate weddings circus tentPhoto credit: Intimate Weddings


Library or bookstore

Let’s be honest, we all got the feels when Carrie realized the New York Public Library was her choice of venue. Although your local library or bookstore may not be as stunning, if the two of you are book lovers, this could complement you perfectly. What could be nicer than the smell of books as you walk down the aisle?

sweet monday librryPhoto credit: Sweet Monday Photography


Nautical lovers will revel in the idea of renting out a ship for the day. With plentiful rooms for activities and many options for some dazzling photography, a wedding on a ship is certainly one your guests will remember for some time.

oeil photogrpahy battleship weddingPhoto credit: Oeil Photography


Get married among the fish! There is nothing quite as calming as being among sea life, and having it surround you and your guests will set a soothing atmosphere for your day. Apart from some unique photography, it will be a great way to keep children amused.

chris brock aquarium weddingPhoto credit: Chris Brock Photography


8 Unusual Wedding Venue Inspirations