Wedding planners are professionals who help plan and execute all aspects of your wedding.  aren’t just for the uninvolved bride. You can be as hands-on as you want to be and still benefit from so many services wedding planners have to offer. There has definitely been a trend towards all things DIY, but that doesn’t mean yo ucan’t get a little help from your friends. Wedding planners can help if you have a busy schedule or a million homemade projects you want for the wedding. Wedding planners can help from idea conception, to organization, to preparation, to implementation the day of. We’ve put together a list of 8 reasons you should hire a wedding planner.

1. They will help you stay within your budget

Wedding planners are trained to work within any budget. Many planners take a percentage of the total cost of your wedding. The theory is that a $10,000 wedding has considerably less resources used and less of a time commitment than the $50,000 wedding. Here’s an article from The Nest with more info about how wedding planners are paid.

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2. They will help you stay on time

If you’re running around on the day-of, personally making sure the homemade mini pies are perfectly golden, you’re bound to run into some mini catastrophes that may cut into your time. Let’s face it, we can’t be everywhere all at once. Wedding planners can help you stick to your schedule by making last-minute decisions on your behalf (with your best interest in mind) and delegating tasks to others – and away from you. This can help ensure that everything runs on time; saving you,a nd your guests a headache.

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3. They can get in the way

We mean this in the best way possible. Wedding planners are neutral parties. Their main goal is to get you down the aisle and that can mean refereeing some inter-family planning problems. Planners will hear your wedding questions and dilemmas and offer solutions that may satisfy everyone. At the very least, ideas and possible solutions will be coming from a neutral party so they’ll seem much more objective to everyone.

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4. They can ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch

We mentioned this before, but can’t stress it enough. Wedding planners make sure that your wedding day is perfect. They hire the help, get the venues set up and broken down on time and the way you’d have done it yourself. They work for you. They make your vision their vision and help bring this big day to life.

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5. They come with great ideas

It’s their job to create professional relationships, get to know vendors, and give you inside information. They can help with tips like you can save money by having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday. You may have 1000 things pinned to you “wedding” board on Pinterest but no real direction. Planners can help you achieve your wedding scheme dreams but also be realistic about your budget and goals.

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6. They act as a sounding board

Let’s face it, your girlfriends and fiance and family members, and the cashier at Michael’s may get tired of you “vision.” Run your ideas by your planner ad nauseum and they will make sure they understand and can picture it right there with you. They totally get that individually-named and tagged loaves of mini bread at each place setting are your everything.

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7. You can relax

Wedding planners are planners for a reason. They love color coordinated post-its, matching file folders, and pretty paper clips. Besides having someone just as into the perfection of your wedding day as yourself, planners come with great knowledge and great experience. They have trusted relationships with vendors and will be able to tell you who the best ones to work with are. They do the schmoozing so you don’t have to. They can steer you away from the overpriced flower lady and towards the locally-grown greenery of your dreams without losing any precious beauty sleep.

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8. Enjoy the ride

Wedding planners will take the hassle out of worrying who and what to pay for next; how to get in and set up and broken down all on time, and just when to get your sparkler exit ready. Share your dream with them and then put your wedding in their hands and step back. Yes, your wedding day should be perfect, but it won’t be if your a haggard sleep-deprived mess. You probably can pull it off yourself. But consider investing in a little peace of mind. It will go a long way.

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Did you hire a wedding planner for your big day, or are you considering it?