Downton Abbey has us all hooked, and it’s easy to see why. The upstairs – downstairs storylines, the characters deep, dark secrets, and of course, the fashion. Vintage fashion and, of course, those antique rings, never go out of style, and now that the show is such a hit, we’re seeing a resurgence of Downtown-inspired weddings, period fashion and jewelry, and details. If you love column dresses, crystal headpieces, and over-the-elbow globes, a Downton wedding might be for you. Here are 8 reason to love a Downton Abbey wedding.

The romance

This stunning shot is only a glimpse into the Lady Mary and Matthew romance. There were real gentlemen back it the day. We love Downton for the chivalry and old school romance. The passion and the secrets have us all hooked. We may not employ butlers and valets anymore (or most of us, anyway) but the men, themselves, could still be pretty darn gentlemanly. And let’s not overlook the 3-piece suits.


The Family

All of the Downton events are lavish, beautiful, and family-filled. The Crawleys come together to celebrate life’s biggest moments together, like the daughters’ extravagant weddings.


The headpieces

Headpieces are now coming way into style. They’re not just a boho trend, either. They have deep classic roots in the upper crusty British weddings of centuries past. Whether you like strands of seed pearls with flower bouquets, a’ la Princess Leia, or jewel-encrusted combs (see below), the 20’s style was detailed, elegant, and certainly trendy.


Church wear

Imagine attending the wedding of your nearest and dearest and your Sunday best including a giant floral hat like these? Fashion was indulgent, ornate, and fun. A lady back then always looked her best, especially in public – dressed to impress with every single detail thoughtfully executed. We love to see what they’ll spend the whole morning dressing for, next.


The details

These beautiful letterpress invitations by Oh So Beautiful Paper are a perfect compliment to the Downton aesthetic: classic and luxurious. They’re understated at first glance, but impeccably detailed up close.


The jewelry

It’s only the best for Downton brides. Edwardian era jewels and art deco pieces were in style then and antique-inspired baubles are still the rage now. We love this beautiful diamond-encrusted hair piece and can completely picture it on a modern bride, today.


The wedding dresses

Lady Mary’s dress was simple and elegant. Layers of tulle were nowhere to be found as 1920’s fashion was all about the demure silhouette. This was a silk dress with silk sleeves. The lace went into a ‘V’ at the back with tiny buttons, pearls and Swarovski crystals. Lady Edith’s dress was set off with an antique wedding train and hand stitched appliqué of intricate silver embroidery and crystals adoring the hip.

8 Reasons to Love a Downton Abbey Wedding7

And again, the fashion.


Are you a Downton fan?

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