If you’ve ever discovered the joys of newborn photography, you know how addictive it is to look through the adorable snaps and before you know it, you’ve been sucked into a baby vortex and lost two hours of your life. It takes a certain knack for creativity and tons of patience to get that perfect shot, and we have trawled through the millions of sweet shots and picked out the best of the best to make you go awwww.

Jessica Mitchell

Based out of Austin, Texas, Jessica Mitchell is a bright and beautiful photographer. A natural snapper with a great eye, she chose to hone her vocation to focus on children. Her details, brilliant colors, and bright settings make her work stand out and couldn’t be missed off our list.

jessica mitchell 1

Photo credit: Jessica Mitchell

 Rachel Vanoven

Every photograph Rachel Vanoven snaps contains a piece of her heart and hard work. Her technique lies in really capturing the love and mood of not just the newborn, but the whole family, who are often included in the pictures. Take a look at her website and you will see her in action setting up subtle but stunning scenes. This is definitely where you come for a personal touch.

rachel vanoven 1Photo credit: Rachel Vanoven

 Shannon Bower

For unusual props and astounding creativity, Shannon Bower is the photographer to seek out. A Canadian-based baby photographer, Bower custom makes her setting props and makes fantastic use of color and poses to create a gorgeous shot of your newborn.

shannon bower 2

Photo credit: Shannon Bower

Shannon Leigh

Previously working as a model, Shannon Leigh has a wide scope of experience, and newborns are just one of her specialties. From a simple baby in a blanket to a dozing newborn drifting on a lake, her poses and scenes are one of a kind.

shannon leighPhoto credit: Shannon Leigh

Brittany Woodall

#4 and #3 make up two partner newborn photographers, but we love them so much as independent photographers as well that we just had to feature them separately. Their unique perspectives have made them define themselves as trendsetters in the world of newborn photography and it’s not hard to see why. Tiny little fingernails, impossibly smooth skin, and dimpled feet – for Brittany Woodall, beauty is all in the details, and she manages to capture every single one.

brittany woodall 2Photo credit: Brittany Woodall 

Carrie Sandoval

What Sandoval brings to the duo is her innate talent for unusual ideas and poses. Animals, black and white, family shots, and various hanging implements bring Carrie to one of the top spots.

carrie sandoval 2Photo credit: Carrie Sandoval

Jamie Anderson

There’s no doubt you have stumbled across this charming Californian photographer somewhere in your research. Known for her baby movie poses, she is a mom and family woman, meaning she captures the love and care that goes into the life of a little one.

jaime andersonPhoto credit: Jamie Anderson

Anne Geddes

A household name of newborn photographers, Anne Geddes is the queen of creativity. From babies dressed as animals to camouflaged amongst plants and flowers, every detail of these photographs is incredible. Here are some gems:

anne geddsPhoto credit: Anne Geddes