Fall is officially here and we are loving every crispy minute of it! In much of the country, Fall summons in the changing of leaves into their bold Autumn coats, soft overcast daylight, and, of course, the scramble for couples to break out their coordinated scarves for engagement photos. We get it. Fall is a nice change from the scorching summer days, and everything becomes just a little more romantic. Forget matchy-matchy, coordinated outfits can help the two of you look cohesive and couple-y, and with the fall scenery providing the ultimate backdrop, you can choose any color in Mother Nature’s palette and look adorable. Bold golds, deep purples, fiery reds, and sophisticated tans are all up for grabs. Here’s a quick round up of 8 engagement session styles we love.

8-Fall-Engagement-Session-Styles-We-Love-9Photo credit: Jason and Gina

If you’re planning taking your engagement pics or just wanting to freshen up your gallery wall, take a note from these couples who nailed it in their fall photos.

8-Fall-Engagement-Session-Styles-We-Love1Photo credit: Laura Gordon Photography

Photo credit: Jo Photo Online

Photo credit: Kina Wicks Photography

Photo credit: Carina Skrobecki

Photo credit: Kristen Booth

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Photo credit: Britta Marie Photography