We, obviously, love printing and displaying photos. We’re photographers, and photography is our number 1 passion. So much of the joy that we find in photography, however, is in the sharing of our images.  We’re inspired by relationships, love, emotions, and movement. Much of our business began in response to those wanting affordable wedding albums. Lately, though, we’ve had more and more people contact us about photo albums and photo books to share with and give to friends. Needless to say, we’re pretty pumped. A beautiful album or book filled with images of the other loves of our lives is a perfect gift to ourselves and to those who inspire us the most. You may have an iPhone filled with selfies, but this post has a few more ideas for having fun in front of the camera with your besties. Here are our top 8 best friend photos to take right now!

1. Young and free

We love the running-in-front-of-the-camera-like-you-don’t-know-its-there photos. You know, the ones that all the models do and they just happen to have perfect hair, make up, and clothing? Grab a friend (not a #1 bestie, though, maybe a 3rd or 4th who’ll take pics of you) or a tripod, and have some fun. Get your dance on, jump on your bed, pull out the giant party sunglasses from that bar mitzvah (you know you still have them) and have some fun. Best friends are those people who we laugh the most with, cry the most to, and can be completely ourselves with. An album full of teethy selfies is great, but you want the authentic photos. The ones that make you guys – you.

10 Best Friend Photos to Take Right Now3Photo Credit: Hailey Cheyanne

2. Awwww!

If you’re lucky enough to still have a childhood best friend, count yourself among the luckiest. This person has been with you during temper tantrums, freak outs, and puberty – and has chosen to stick around. If anyone deserves an album.. Pull out those adorable childhood photos. They deserve to be displayed. And don’t worry if your photos together aren’t as cute as these littles; awkward high school hair and head gear will make for some full-bellied laughs together.

10-Best-Friend-Photos-to-Take-Right-Now5Photo Credit: Chelsea Homesley

3. Let the emotions run high

This one kind of piggybacks off of #1. Grab that friend or tripod, or pull one of the arms reach selfies with your camera and take some photos laughing together. I don’t know a single set of best friends who doesn’t count, “she/he makes me laugh harder than anyone,” as one of their favorite defining qualities. I love this photo. It also reminds me of the secrets I share with my best friend. The ones I’d have to kill her for telling someone. But photos that convey the depths of your friendship are powerful and telling. A hug, an arm around the shoulder, a kiss on the forehead. I bet you have a few photos like this already lying around. Share them.

10 best friend photos to take right now2Photo Credit: Elizabeth Messina

4. Milestones

Sometimes, our lives are so parallel its magical. Or kinda eery. Potato, potahtoh. Either way, getting married, having kids, going through life’s biggest events alongside your bff can be amazing. Make sure to document these. The older we get, the faster time seems to pass. Sharing these moments with someone we love is the best.

10-Best-Friend-Photos-to-Take-Right-Now4Photo Credit: Kara Mutchnick

5. Good times

Good times. Remember back when everyone said that? And who do you have the best times with? Did you go to camp together? Wear hideous matching bridesmaid dresses together? If yes, whip those photos out for the album. If not, start snapping some now.

10-Best-Friend-Photos-to-Take-Right-Now9Photo Credit: Bethany Olson

6. Adventures

You’ve undoubtedly had adventures – and misadventures – with your beloved(s). Those are some of the best memories! The next time you carpool to that wedding across the state, or try those matching burnt sienna highlights for the first time (yikes?) bring your camera. Sometimes the best memories are born from the most mundane adventures.

10-Best-Friend-Photos-to-Take-Right-Now7Photo Credit: Little Alexa Photography

7. Just the two of us

She’s the chocolate to your espresso bean; the Laverne to your Shirley. Why? What makes your coupling so unique? Include photos of the crazy things you do together, matching hair, and all the little things you cherish.

8. Celebrate

Your bff has been there to celebrate so many of life’s major moments. If you should throw her an epic bachelorette party – make sure to get proof. Other than the glitter stuck to your scalp.

8-Best-Friend-Photos-to-Take-Right-Now11Photo Credit: Paige Winn Photo

Life is a celebration of moments. We, as photographers, focus on immortalizing each and every one. And what makes up this elaborate collection of life? Loved ones. Those we share each important moment with. Go ahead and be that person who takes way too many photos at every event (and non event). Print, display, and share them, and start creating new memories today.