There are some really fun and inexpensive photography projects out there. We know so many of you are always looking for new projects to add to your personal body of work as well as your work with clients. The creatives at the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) put together a bunch of cool DIY projects to add to your bag of tricks. Have you heard of free lensing? Take your lens off you camera body and hold it up to the camera mount as if it is still attached. You can selectively focus and blur resulting in a cool tilt shift effect – without the price tag of a tilt shift lens.

7-Funky-Photography-Tips-from-COOPH1Photo credit: Caroline Plus Ben

Another easy project is to take an old mirror and lightly shatter it (be careful as to not dislodge pieces) and photograph your subject – or yourself – into the splintered glass.

Check out the COOPH YouTube channel for more great photography tips and tricks. And watch the video below for 7 funky photography tips from COOPH.