You’re planning a photo shoot for your little one, but something that stands out from the rest. Once you’ve seen one baby photo album, you’ve seen them all – so give yours an injection of color and vibrancy. Here are some ideas for incorporating color into your baby photo shoot.


Who doesn’t love a baby in a tutu? Cheap, easy to find, and even easy to make as well, liven up your baby’s outfit with a multi-colored tutu. Not only will they look adorable, but they are bound to fascinate your little one as well.

cute babyzPhoto credit: Cute Babyz



If your baby still has that beautiful, impossibly smooth skin then show it off with a birthday suit shoot and colorful decorations. You can use streamers, confetti, balloons, bunting to frame your naked babe. You will certainly capture some great moments releasing streamers over them.

Hawaii theme

This is a great idea for a summer shoot, if you are looking for something a bit different – perhaps you love to holiday in Hawaii. All you need is a colorful lei, some bright shades, a grass skirt and some beachy props to add some cute glamour to your baby’s look.

jennifer gilmorePhoto credit: Jennifer Gilmore


Superhero theme

If you’re a major comic book nerd, then deck out your chubby little one in your favorite superhero costume, most of which are heavy on the bold colors. Whether it’s Wonder Woman, Spider-man, or Iron Man, emulating a flying pose would be easier than you think, and tons of fun!

jme protraitsPhoto credit: JME Portraits

Rave theme

Who said rave is dead? If there is a better reason for dressing up in neon, then we don’t know it. Neon pinks, greens, yellows, mesh tops, luminous shades, and a touch of body paint. An outfit only a baby could actually look good in.


Of course, if you have a nice outfit all ready and bought by your mother-in-law, but you want a little more color, you could turn to props. Surround your baby with lego, balloons of all colors, a mass of cuddly toys, or amongst an arrangement of fruit. Toys and playthings will provide great entertainment and some genuine shots of joy, and you can have some real fun creating silly ‘artsy’ poses with fruit.

me photo and designPhoto credit: ME Photo & Design


Why not dress up your baby as a painter and let them go wild with paints and canvas? Add splashes of color to their bib and body, a paintbrush and palette to their hands, and start snapping away. They will have fun and so will you. You should note that it is an option to find or make baby-safe paint.

7 Bright Color Ideas baby photoshootsPhoto credit: Ciaran Mahoney