It’s a good idea to give your photographers a photo list before your wedding. That way, they can get the pictures you want. Then, you will be able to put those pictures in a nice album. The question is, though, which pictures do you need for your album? We are going to make the decision easier for you by giving you some ideas.

Pictures of the Details

wedding album design ideas - details

Your wedding will likely feel like a whirlwind. You’ll rush from getting ready to walking down the aisle to dancing at your reception. By the time it’s all over, you will have a hard time remembering the details. You’ll close your eyes and try to think about what the table settings looked like or what flowers lined the hallway, but it will all be a blur. You can preserve those memories by including them in your photo album. Have your photographers take pictures of the little details so you can reflect on them later. That will help you remember each and every aspect of your wedding.

Outdoor Pictures


You need to have some pictures of the outdoors so you can remember what it was like outside on your wedding day. These can be simple pictures of the outside of the venue, or pictures of the entire wedding party.
Be sure that the photographers takes advantage of the natural light so the pictures look their best. Also, if possible, have them take outdoor pictures during different times of the day. That way, you can relive the entire day instead of just a brief moment in time.

Pictures of Intimate Moments

wedding album design ideas - intimate moments

Even though you will be surrounded by people all day and all night, you will still share intimate moments with your new spouse. Those moments are best conveyed by showing your facial expressions. Thus, you want the photographers to capture the intimacy in your eyes, or in the smile that you share with your new spouse. Let the photographers know that you want them to get some close up photos that can take you back to those moments. If you have professional photographers, they should be able to snap those pictures without you even noticing. Thus, your moment won’t be disrupted, but it will be immortalized.

Candid Pictures

wedding album design ideas - candid pictures

Candid pictures will also let you capture some intimate moments. Have your photographers take lots of candid photos. As nice as posed pictures are, it’s the candid ones that really tell the story of the day. Tell them to take these pictures whenever they get the chance.
Be sure they get pictures of your guests. Sometimes, photographers only focus on the bride and groom. While the bride and groom should definitely be the main focus, it’s good to get some pictures of family and friends as well.

Reaction Pictures

wedding album design ideas - reactions

Reaction pictures are priceless. Be sure to tell the photographers to take some photos of your family members and friends during the ceremony. From your mother’s tears to your father’s pride, you will love looking over their expressions when you flip through your wedding album.
You can make this more fun by placing the reaction photos side by side in your album. For instance, get a picture of your mother and your new spouse’s mother around the same time of the ceremony. Then, you can put them side by side in the photo book. It will be fun to see how each family member reacted around the same time.

Pictures that End the Story of the Day

wedding album design ideas - end of story

Your last photo should represent the end of the story. It’s good to have a quiet, reflective picture of the bride and groom together. Maybe you are gazing out at the sunset together, or walking along the beach, hand in hand. Whatever it may be, find a personal picture that you can reflect back on when you view the album. Then, use it as the last picture in your photo album.

Include these six items in your photo list. If you do, you will have an amazing wedding album that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about kicking yourself later for forgetting a good photo opportunity. Instead, you will have everything you could possibly want, right there in your wedding album.