I just stumbled on this article featured on the Huffington Post and thought it had some great tips for anyone currently planning a wedding. Weddings are big business and even the most intimate of affairs can be incredibly costly for those involved. Know that there are ways, however, to plan a beautiful bash on even a small wedding budget. The article, 6 Steps for Planning the Wedding You Want with the Budget You Have, outlines some great tips that will help you stay on track with a little planning and prioritizing. Here are a few of the 6 steps for planning your dream wedding on a budget.

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List Negotiables vs. Non-Negotiables

Start your wedding vision with a few good old-fashioned lists. List out the things you can’t imagine your wedding without: a certain photographer whose work you’ve been coveting, or a venue you’ve been dreaming about since you met your partner for a start. Then, make another list of the things that you don’t care so much about. This will help you to determine what exactly your priorities are and will keep you from casually saying yes to everything.


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Don’t Let Vendors Beat Around the Bush

Many vendors will advertise that they’re open to working with any budget. Don’t be afraid to put them to the test. When meeting with them, let them know how much you are willing to spend, upfront, and ask them how they can help you maximize that amount with their service.


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Get Creative

The sky’s the limit with this one. Have a friend with great taste in music create a wedding playlist for you and save thousands on a DJ. Ask your grandma for her secret cheesecake family recipe and prepare homemade desserts for your sweets table. DIY your own fun decorations. There are so many great ways to pull together a beautiful wedding; your budget will present you with some unique challenges – rise to the occasion and see how creative and personal your wedding can be!

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