Time saving tips for weddings are important, but what’s even better than that? Saving money! Many couples are working on starting their lives together and look for ways to cut corners, but not sacrifice too much on their wedding day. Here’s a few useful guidelines to get your wedding plan on the right track:

5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Wallet-Friendly

Think of alternatives for venues

One big drop in the budget for many people planning a wedding is the venue. Ritzy golf resorts and swanky restaurants in the city are wonderful for some, but there’s plenty of other great alternatives that can keep money in your pocket. For instance, working farms from Texas to California welcome thrifty couples to DIY their decorations, bring in caterers and enjoy a rustic reception with character. Old estate homes are another option for those who like history and quaint surroundings. There’s even large coffee shops and breweries that are happy to host weddings for reasonable rates.

Put in a little elbow grease

Your time can be as valuable as your money. However, if you’re planning and making tons of decisions, why not channel that energy into some DIY? Only do this if it will make things easier though. If the idea of gluing glitter onto 100 mason jars makes you twitch, then it’s worth the investment to have someone else skilled handle the task. Otherwise, grab friends and get zen over some busy work that can benefit your budget in the long run.


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Avoid wedding money pits

Big ticket items can get even more out of control when the word ‘wedding’ is suggested. Why not let a florist know you’re hosting an event and want to know wholesale prices of their blooms. Or, skip the pricey wedding album offered by the photographer and create our own with us. Invitations online through a small designer or handmade favors can all cut down on costs without sacrificing style on your big day.

Stick to in-season and local

Shipping lobster tails and tropical flowers to your wedding in Chicago isn’t’ the way to celebrate a wallet-friendly wedding. Indulge those things at your honeymoon, but empty local vendors and feature items from within your location. Have your caterer choose salads with fresh greens from nearby farms, or make sure your blooms are native to the area and easy to acquire.

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Don’t get too tied down

Though you feel like your day won’t be perfect without 500 turquoise tea lights, it’s not the end of the world to find cheaper white ones. Details are fun and can make an event shine, but staying flexible will ensure you aren’t swimming in debt by the time your wedding arrives. Not to mention, it keeps tensions down to meditate and focus yourself away from negativity and nitpicking.

A little extra money in the bank can help jump start your wedded bliss with your love forever!

How will you save money for your wedding? Or did you go all out? Would you do it differently?