Who would have thought that planning a wedding would be far from a walk in the park? Well, pretty much everyone knows that. Disaster abounds, but nobody tells you what to do when your plans fall through or people turn out to be not so reliable. As stressful as a wedding already is, unforeseen problems can really throw a wrench in the works. Read on for some common wedding planning disasters and how to recover from them.

People backing out

Unfortunately, you can’t really draw up a contract with your bridesmaids or groomsmen – you could, but it would be a little weird – so a wedding party drop out can be particularly tricky to handle. If they have been acting weirdly or annoyingly for a while then this may be a blessing in disguise, but if it’s a personal issue, try not to be too hard on them. Staying calm not only helps them out, but helps you out too.

If you have already forked out for their outfit, then gently remind them that they owe you for it. If they were a starring role involving speeches and/or organization of the bachelorette party, then figure out who you are going to pass this role onto, and quickly.


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Cancelled vendor issues

From photographers to caterers, and sometimes even venues, this is high up on the list of most stressful disasters during wedding planning. First of all, check your contract. The silver lining is that most contracts will include a refund clause, stating the fee to be paid if cancelled within a certain time frame. This means you may receive some compensation for being so royally screwed over.

In all likelihood, your vendor won’t just leave you high and dry, but recommend another company to you. Jump on this chance and carry on. If they don’t recommend you to someone else, this may be something you can take up after the wedding (it is highly unprofessional), but for now go back to your vendor list and pick the next best thing!

The weather forecast looks awful

This is something nobody can predict. You have an idyllic and to-die-for wedding planned, involved a lush spring day, butterflies, gentle music, and ornate flower trellises. Unfortunately, a lot of this perfection hangs on the weather, and you find out it is set to be cloudy and raining.

In this instance, you should enlist the help of the venue. Have some ideas ready to suggest to them about re-arranging the ceremony inside, or providing some sort of outdoor cover as long as it’s a light rain. There is always a back-up plan in these situations, so don’t panic!

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Budget restrictions

You have a few weeks until the wedding and your money has all but run out, despite the growing list of things still to be paid for. People will be telling you left and right how important budgeting is, but A) that’s not helpful right now, and B) there are always unforeseen costs. Put the naysayers aside and reach out to friends and family for help. This may be asking to help out financially, or it could be actual contributions to the wedding. You will be surprised how excited people can be when asked to help out with setting up, make up, or even food. Their wedding gift becomes being part of the wedding, which is priceless.

Arguments with fiancé


With all these problems and more, quite a strain can be put on your relationship. Don’t expect each other to be saints 24/7 and give each other time and space to be angry or stressed out. Arguments are bound to happen, because you are human after all. Go for a walk or take a bath to be apart for a while. Come back and work it out calmly. This wedding is about the two of you, so make sure you schedule in at least one day a week just for each other, without any wedding planning involved.