At this point, the photojournalistic style of wedding photography is so commonplace, it’s not even fair to call it a trend anymore. Here are some truly new trends in wedding photography couples and photographers are playing around with.

Infrared photography: It makes black-and-white photos more intense and imparts almost a glow to your images. It works beautifully outdoors, but it’s not quite so good for close-up details. Learn more about it from TLC Wedding Planning.

Excellent example of infrared wedding photography

Excellent example of infrared wedding photography

Long exposures: Spell out “love” in the air with sparklers, and a long-exposure photo will capture the whole word on film. You can also use long exposures to photograph moving water or crashing waves to add a mythical feel to your wedding photos. Check out tips for making these photos work well from Indy Bride 2B.

5 examples of long exposure wedding photography of bride and groom

Add some sparkle to your wedding photos with long exposure shots


example of long exposure wedding photography to photograph a bride and groom under a wooden pier

Using long exposures to photograph moving water will to add a mythical feel to your wedding photos.

A touch of Photoshop: Some people are already sick of this trend after numerous copycats sprung up following the dinosaur-chasing-the-wedding-party photo went viral, but if you’re looking for something fun, creative and a little bit silly, you may want to consider giving your photographer or a Photoshop-savvy friend the go-ahead for this one.

wedding photography with a touch of photoshop

Photoshop enhancements can add an interesting and fun look to your wedding images

Trash-the-dress: Okay, so this one has been around for a little while, but people are really coming around to it. Fire, water, mud, sand, you name it. Check out more about this trend on Fizara’s trash-the-dress blog post.

trash the dress wedding photography trend

The stark contrast between the beautiful bride and the surrounding decay adds appeal to this image by Petrica Tanase of FixFoto

‘Morning After’ photos: There’s someone of a TMI factor to this one, but if you and your new hubby think it’s hot, go for it. How it works is the photographer comes to your room the day after the wedding and takes photos of the newly married couple in various stages of undress, usually in bed. As the Huffington Post notes, it wasn’t much of a trend at first, with media outlets making a big deal about a couple of reports but few photographers actually offering the service. But a quick Google search now shows it’s at least a somewhat regular occurrence. Check out Jezebel’s snarky take and The Week’s deeper diver.

morning after wedding photography

A morning after photo session will certainly put you on the cutting edge of wedding photography trends.