It’s the small touches in your wedding details that can really pull your wedding together. Your wedding details show off your personality and make your big day unique.

Head table: Whether you’ve got a long head table with the rest of your wedding party at the reception, or whether you and your new spouse have a table-for-two amid your guests, be sure to make it a little extra-special. You can make the centerpiece a little bigger, include twinkling lights or drape the chairs in extra tulle in your wedding colors. There are lots of fun ways to decorate the bride and groom’s chairs on Exclusively Wedding’s Pinterest board. There are examples ranging from signs with the couple’s silhouettes to chalkboard signs to lots and lots of ribbon. Some fun ideas include tying the chairs together with ribbon and a giant ampersand big floral garlands.

Mr. and Mrs chair signs head table wedding details

Food extras: Striped straws for the lemonade, ice cubes with edible flowers, toothpicks with ribbon in your wedding colors. Take it a step further with personalized wine or beer labels, or napkins customized with your monogram or logo. And lastly, skip the traditional bride and groom atop the wedding cake. There are so many fun wedding toppers that you can order online or make yourself, there’s no reason not to go the extra mile here. Etsy, Ebay ad Amazon are all places to search. Get some inspiration from Fizara DIY Albums’ Pinterest board. Adding little details like these really tie everything together without costing too much extra dough.

hearts unique cake topper

Creative escort cards: If you’re not doing open seating, put a little extra DIY-love into your escort cards. Everyone’s going to look at it at one point or another, so it’s a space worth making extra special. Skeleton keys with calligraphed name tags, a reclaimed window with names written in script, clothespins and twine or a garden trellis – there are so many possibilities. Martha Stewart’s Pinterest board and The Knot have tons of ideas.

escort cards in grass

Clothe your guests: Okay, so this may be a little more costly, but depending on your wedding location, you can show your hospitality to guests with little extras. Consider flip flops for beach weddings or weddings where you know guests will dance for hours. Leave out baskets of cozy blankets (fleece by the yard is not very expensive) for outdoor, evening weddings, or lightweight scarves for guests unprepared for summer breezes. Colorful pashminas draped on chair backs can even double as decoration. If it’s hot, consider supplying pretty paper parasols or fans, and if there are bugs, everyone will appreciate bottles of bug spray near the entrance. Inspiring Pretty has some good suggestions for making sure your guests stay comfortable.

colorful pashmina wedding favours details

Remember loved ones: There are many ways to honor a loved friend or family member who has passed. One of the most traditional is to leave an empty chair. Some people wish to put a framed photo or flower on the chair to represent the person. A candle or special reading during the ceremony is another nice way to remember someone. Hanging photos from a tree is also a lovely tribute. Check out some of the suggestions from Intimate Weddings, which also include incorporating charms with photos into boutonnieres and bouquets and recognizing recently passed loved ones in your program.

remembrance program wedding details